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The new title screen introduced in 1.1.

Version 1.1.0 was the first major update to Mega Man Maker, released on October 24, 2017. This update focused primarily on adding content from the first Mega Man game and renewing the user interface appearance, while also adding some content from other NES Mega Man games and from Mega Man Powered Up.

From this update on, the game's title was changed from "Mega Maker" to "Mega Man Maker", since "Mega Maker" was a trademarked name. The original release date was October 20, but the trademark owner told the Mega Man Maker team to modify the project title. To solve this, the main domain, the forums, Discord Server and the game itself were renamed to reflect the change. Gaem designed the new logo.

Due to the new visual design for the title screen, new title screen music and new title, the previous title screen music, and title card graphics for “Mega Maker” and “Rockman Maker”, all three used in versions 1.0.9 and prior, were no longer used in-game for future releases.

New Features





  • Time Tile
  • Oil Tile
  • MM1 Wily 1 Tile


  • A brand-new level builder interface with tons of new features and a much cleaner look overall.
  • Changed the logo and some text boxes to accommodate the new title.
  • New fancy main menu graphics.
  • New title theme
  • The online menu now has a different theme from the regular menu.
  • New pause menu graphics.
  • You can change the color of Pointan (the custom cursor) in Options > Other.
  • In the level builder, you can move the screen with the left mouse button while holding control.
  • New example levels - Authentic MM1 Oil Man and Authentic MM1 Time Man by TheSkipper1995, and Standup Comedy by SnoruntPyro.
  • Gemini Man's tileset has a better-looking ceiling.
  • Skeleton Joe bones now rotate properly. (This does not change their hitbox and thus has no effects on gameplay)

Fixed Bugs

  • Terrain can become non-solid and enemies can despawn when performing a non-standard screen transition.
  • Pointan won't turn into an eyedropper in fullscreen mode.
  • The auto-updater behaves weirdly when the game is played in fullscreen.
  • After jumping out of a grounded Charge Kick, you can no longer air kick.
  • The trees in Ice Man's background have some color issues.
  • Conveyor belts can clip you into the wall after you got hit.
  • Plant Barrier still makes a healing sound when the game is muted.
  • Teleporters reset enemies and gimmicks when teleporting within the same screen.
  • If you place a boss, then make it de-spawn in the editor, you can place another boss.
  • Conveyor belts become out-of-sync when they are partially offscreen.
  • Conveyor belts are still animated during Flash Stopper.
  • If you click the middle mouse button while moving an object, the game crashes.
  • If you shoot Perfect Freeze then switch weapons or pause, the sound keeps playing.
  • Numbers are white instead of very light gray in the font.
  • If you Charge Kick through a boss door, then jump right after, you are no longer affected by gravity.
  • Conveyor belts can push you through spikes while Skull Barrier is active.
  • Upside-down Screw Bombers instantly respawn when defeated at the top of the screen.
  • Left-facing Force Beams appear in the wrong direction for 1 frame.
  • Energy pickups can fill more health or ammo than they should.
  • Water's color does not match the background color palette.