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Version 1.8.3 (01/01/2023)

New Features

-Cold Man has his missing heal resistance to ice weapons when they are not set as a weakness.

-Sun Rays, adds visual effects at the top of water.

-Time bombs now can be set with a zero delay to instantly explode after activation.


-Online Builder is no longer in maintenance.

-Weapon Block and Weapon Barriers now show the weapon icon and colors in the builder.

-Astro Door Horizontal can now push the Lighter Push Block.

-Weapon can now be removed from the list of weapons by right clicking on it on the builder menu.

-Oni Robo Wind machines no longer push Gori Three Rocks but only Lighter Push Blocks.

-Shell'n weakness to Electric Shock was missing.

-Better performances when the level uses a lot of backgrounds.

-Better performances in long sections.

Fixed Bugs

-GB Crystal Spikes are badly cropped.

-The following Spikes are reversed horizontally : Clash Spike GB, Clash Spike GB (Alt), Wily Spike GB II, Wily Spike GB II (Alt).

-Icon for Wily Spike GB II in the builder menu is the wrong color.

-Tengu BG (Animated) can sometimes desync from one screen to another.

-Astro BG 3, 4 and 5 can sometimes desync from one screen to another.

-Super Arm does not trigger Soccer Ball Jet.

-Super Arm does not trigger Kakinbatank's movement.

-Super Arm draws above certain objects such as enemies.

-End of Credits do not scroll to the right position.

-When there's multiples Oni Wind Generators, the speed for pull and push is inconsistent depending on positions.

-Astro Door stops moving after a screen transition while in movement.

-Oil Slider on moving platforms acts differently than it was in previous versions.

-Hell Metall DX can drop pickups when the threads are destroyed.

-Target animation doesn't stop when time is stopped.

-Target rails are still active and moving targets while time is stopped.

-Weapon Barriers and Weapon Blocks are not acting as a wall of section anymore.

-Astro Door Horizontal going into each other gets stuck.

-Yellow Devil placed vertically between two sections damages player during transition and boss intro.

-Wily Machine 6 gets stuck during a jump when moving platforms enter it.

-Big Pets platforms behave incorrectly with certain projectiles.

-Cold Man's Ice Wall loses all speed and rises in water when a single pixel touches water.

-Giant Springer's missile goes invisible as it flies a certain way.

-Cold Man's Ice Wall breaks early when it hits a screen edge with a connected screen by transition.

-Dark Man 3's stun causes the player's colour to change while stunned when opening, closing the pause menu or when switching weapons on pause menu.

-Dark Man 3's stun causes the player's colour to return to Command Select's default colour instead of the currently selected weapon's colour.

-Super Arm blocks placed by the player do damage to the Acid Drop Spawner.

-Soccer Ball Jet activates and damages players when they are at rest and the player is under them.

-Dynamo Conveyors may crash the games when on edge of screens at start of the level.

-Dashing with Bass and swapping to Charge Kick weapon gives the wrong hitbox to the player.

-Magnetic Coil SFX can be heard from outside of the section.

-Magnetic Coil SFX doesn't stop when leaving the section.

-Hyoey SFX doesn't play properly when another Hyoey is dead or out of section.

-Plasma's connection SFX doesn't play properly when another group of Plasma are connected on the section.

-Plasma's connection SFX doesn't stop playing when leaving the section.

-Surumaker in water is not able to track the player properly.

-Shooting Tornado Hold while inside Waterfalls makes the projectile teleports.

-Switching weapons to or from Power Adaptor while shooting locks up player controls.

-Certain bosses do not target Copy Vision when it is made.

-Bosses always target Copy Vision even when it is not a primary or secondary weakness.

-Water animation can get desync after a transition.

-Icicle spawning on a jumpthrough moving platform may crashes the game.

-Icicle cannot spawn if overlapping with Spinning Wheels on spawn.

-Ice Wall does not properly lose durability to hitting enemies or bouncing off walls.

-Spark Shock teleports to enemies starting position when they are stunned and despawned.

-On/Off Ladders make enemies move up slightly when transitioning while over them.

-Boss projectiles are drawn behind plates.

-Hornet Chaser is drawn under yoku blocks.

-Brain Break does not properly take damage from Ballade Cracker.

-In the editor water goes through some things it should not.

-Jewel Satellite does not destroy small masked projectiles like the ones from Hot Dog.

-Music Changer on transitions doesn't work properly.