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Role: Moderator (formerly)
Beta tester(formerly)
Artist (formerly)
Spriter (minor, formerly)
Writer (formerly)
Also known as BigDestroyer
Gender: Male
Lives in Colombia
Discord: Big Master#4335
In-game account ID: 230929
Website: SoundCloud

BigMaster is a former beta tester for Mega Man Maker and a former global moderator for the Mega Man Maker community services. He started out focusing primarily on the wiki but due to his interest on moderating other platforms and the team's shortage on staff at the time, he moved to also moderate the forums and the Discord server. He sought to address issues in the Mega Man Maker community. In the development team, he contributed to various areas of the game, like additional sprites.

BigMaster applied for the role of Wiki moderator and was accepted in trial phase on July 14, 2019 alongside Justazag and ALUMOX. They applied on a moderator call opened that month due to the shortage of moderators in the team at the moment, especially in the forums and the Wiki. He and Justazag were ascended to full Wiki moderators on August 19, 2019. BigMaster worked with RollerC to update and overhaul the Wiki's policies. He would also work to expand the list and functions of wiki templates.

Following RollerC's resignation on November 4, 2019, BigMaster decided to apply as a global moderator in order to get issues in the community solved faster. He was accepted as a trial forum and Discord moderator on November 26, 2019. He was ascended to full Discord moderator on January 5, 2020 alongside Midas Magnezone and full forum moderator on January 9, 2020. However, he decided to become less active as a Discord moderator citing personal stress.

BigMaster made a forum thread with Frequently Asked Questions based on those in the Discord server in order to clarify some things for forum users, especially those who are not in the Discord server. In the Discord server, BigMaster modified the channel #mmm_streams to allow more kind of videos about Mega Man Maker being posted in the channel, renaming it #mmm_streams_and_videos. He also renamed the "MMM Streamer" role to "MMM Content Creator".

BigMaster applied as a beta tester in a public call and was selected on August 23, 2020 alongside Doctor Lumen, while Objectionable would be selected the next day.

BigMaster contributed to create the promotional image for the server upgrade announcement along with BNMotive and Alex.[1] While Alex made the initial drawing, BigMaster made the inking and initial digitalization, but due to difficulties coloring the image, BNMotive finished the image. In addition to that, BigMaster and Alex contributed to edit one of Dr. Light's poses to make him look angry as one of the sprites for the same announcement.

One of his earlier sprite contributions was sprites for striped Bouncy Balls to allow a higher jump. He made and assisted with a few tilesets[2] and helped to fix some of the NES tilesets posted by BushBacon for 1.7.0.

He offered to help with the Light Labs Inc unofficial Mega Man Maker newspaper before the team members disbanded due to a loss of interest in the project or direction.

Due to emotional problems, BigMaster decided to leave the moderation team on October 28, 2020. Due to headaches he described as too severe to let him work as a beta tester, he left the development team on April 12, 2021, shortly before was released.[2]



Icon Weapon Contribution(s) Added in Version Notes
Freeze Man Sprites 1.7.0 Particles and effects, upgraded and resumed by BushBacon
Splash Woman Falling trident sign

Level objects

Icon Weapon Contribution(s) Added in Version Notes
Key Door Sprites 1.7.0 Multiple key sprites
Super Arm Block Additional skins and particles
Bouncy Ball Striped skins
Fire Wall Modifier Edited by BushBacon


Icon Tileset Contribution(s) Added in Version Notes
Time BG 2 Sprites 1.7.0 Unused
Clown BG (Alt) Recolor, unused


Icon Tileset Contribution(s) Added in Version
Time Tile 2 Sprites 1.7.0
Time Tile 3
Oil Tile 2
Challenge Tile
Challenge Tile (Alt)


Icon Ladder Contribution(s) Added in Version
Wily Ladder 1 (PU) Sprites 1.7.0
Wily Ladder 2 (PU)
Wily Ladder 3 (PU)
Wily Ladder 4 (PU)
Intro Ladder
Challenge Ladder

Example levels

Level Name Added in Version Notes
Better Together 1.7.0 Alongside Objectionable, Meka, and Mad Man


Artwork Contribution(s) Note(s)
1.7.0 server overhaul artwork Inking and initial colorization Base by Alex, colors and final outlines by BNMotive


  • BigMaster apologized for the rushed approach he considered he took for the aesthetic assets he contributed for 1.7.0, specially those for Mega Man Powered Up.[3]


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