By Sword and Shield

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By Sword and Shield
Creator(s): Aze
Playable character(s): Proto Man
Level setting(s): Double Damage disabled
Proto Strike disabled

By Sword and Shield is an Example Level introduced in 1.5.0 and created by Aze.

The level has Proto Man as the player character and his main weapon is the Flame Sword. As the name implies, the stage is meant to be passed by using Proto Man's Proto Shield and the Flame Sword to overcome the obstacles. The midboss is Skull Man and the final boss is Knight Man. Among the various enemies, there are Hotheads, Bunby Tanks DX, and Nombrellans.

The level shows the Flame Sword and some other elements introduced in 1.5.0, like the alternate tilesets and the possibility to have two bosses in a stage.