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Challenge Coordinator is a former position within the Mega Man Maker community that consisted of organizing official contest events related to level creation in Mega Man Maker.


The first Challenge Coordinator was dolphin. He created the Ongoing challenge event, a frequent contest that had limitations on what assets and concepts could be used in the levels to submit. It was also different in structure from the Level Creation Contest held in 2017. Dolphin already held challenges in the Discord server "Let Me Level With You". However, he lost the role and was banned on September 23, 2018 due to evidence of sexual harassment, guilt-tripping and abuse of power.

Aze, who already assisted and judged on previous contests, was promoted to Challenge Coordinator. V1ral became another coordinator shortly before the Nature's Wrath contest. The last Ongoing challenge was the Retro Redux context, which introduced Rain Flush to the game as a prize for the contest winner.

During the Level Creation Contest 2019, Aze retired from his position, while V1ral would remain the Challenge Coordinator until the contest was over. After both left the position, NotQuiteHere was given the role but was demoted before he could hold any contest.

The Challenge Coordinator role was removed from the Forums and the Discord server on July 21, 2019 when the Mega Man Maker team decided to discontinue the challenge event. Official contests were abandoned in favor of fan challenges. While the Discord server previously had a fan challenges section, WreckingPrograms opened a new section in the Forums for them before announcing their cancellation.


Contest Directed by
Intro to 1.3 Dolphin
Cold King's Awakening
Wily's Costruction Co Dolphin (until he was banned)
Nature's Wrath Aze
Retro Redux
Level Creation Contest 2019 Aze (retired during the contest)