Climate Man

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Climate Man
Creator: King DeDeDe
Level ID 326022
Playable characters: Mega Man
Settings: Charge: Mega Man 6
Slide enabled

Climate Man is a Mega Man Maker level by King DeDeDe. It is the winning level of the "Traditional" category Level Creation Contest 2019.

In this level, Mega Man has his Mega Buster as his main weapon, and also has the Fire Storm and Rush Coil. Weather variation and usage of Water to help with jumps are constant themes of the level. There are open sky areas, areas with Rain that pushes the player, an area of snow, and one of a hot sun.

The boss is Spark Man, who is fought in a somewhat broad arena with Rain.

Since this level won the Level Creation Contest, it is included in the Example Levels in 1.6.0.

Quick-Play Link: (Contest Entry Version)

Quick-Play Link: N/A (Example Level Version)