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Bass dashing.

Dashing is an ability usable by Bass since his appearance on Mega Man & Bass. It originally came from the Mega Man X series, but was added in Bass' gameplay to distinguish him from Mega Man, alongside the ability to shoot in multiple directions. Dashing is different than sliding because dashing changes Bass's hitbox to 2x2, compared to the slide's 2x1 hitbox. Jumping right after dashing is called the Dash Jump, which propels Bass at a very high speed to make him go very far. Unlike Zero in Mega Man X after the PlayStation games, Bass can perform a Double Jump after this if the option to double jump is enabled, although the momentum is lost then. As of version 1.6.3 in Mega Man Maker, Bass is the only character that can dash.

If Bass is equipping the Charge Kick, Bass will slide instead of dash.