Desert Base

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Desert Base
Desert Base.PNG
Creator(s): Aze
Playable character(s): Bass
Level setting(s): Double Jump enabled

Desert Base is an example level by Aze that consists in encounters with sets of three bosses.

Bass has to pass through a Desert Base with the help of some explosive weapons. The first part involves him using his Double Jump outside, and then he crosses a part of the base filled with Bunby Tanks DX and Fire Beams, with some Walking Bombs. In an encounter with Bomb Man, Bass obtains the Crash Bomber. In a red sunlight section, Bass has to cross through a section with Kakinbatanks blocking the way and Count Bombs that serve s temporary floor or that block the pass. Inside, there are more Bunby Tanks DX and traps with shooting Bomb Throwns. After that, there is a section with the Bunby Tanks DX, Fire Beams and Count Bombs. That passage leads to an encounter with Napalm Man in a storage section, where Bass obtains the Flash Bomb.

The final part is filled with floor spikes. At one point, there are TNT crates that will be detonated by Fire Mets appearing over the spawners. When Bass overcomes those obstacles, he faces Grenade Man.

This level is featured as a part of the Example Levels, that has come pre-installed into all downloads of Mega Man Maker since version 1.5.0.