Double Trouble

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Double Trouble
Double Trouble.PNG
Creator(s): Aze
Playable character(s): Mega Man
Level setting(s): Charge disabled
Slide enabled

Double Trouble is a boss rush style example level created by Aze. It was added as an example level to Mega Man Maker in version 1.5.0.

The level consists of Mega Man going through a sewer system and fighting off against five sets of two bosses. In order, the player must fight a Magnet Man pair, Bomb Man and Toad Man, Crash Man and Metal Man and Time Man and Ice Man. The final battle is against an Astro Man pair, where the player must beat both of them to win.

This level showcases the ability to have more than one boss on screen at a time, a couple of the many different boss combinations, and the Boss Suppressor.