Dr. Light

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Dr. Light
Dr. Light MM9 Artwork.png
Artwork of Dr. Light from Mega Man 9.
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Doctor Thomas Light (or Dr. Right, or Dr. Wright in other localizations) is one of the protagonists of the Mega Man series.

He is a scientist and inventor, with the ability to create, modify, program, and repair various machines, robots, and Robot Masters. He is a famous scientist known across the world, and a leading figure in the field of robotics.

He was originally friends and classmates with Dr. Wily at the Robot Institute of Technology, but both had a falling out, due to him getting Dr. Wily's funding revoked and ultimately getting his "Double Gear System" project shut down, due to claiming the project could be too dangerous. This lead a long lasting rivalry between the two, due to Dr. Wily blaming Dr. Light for sabotaging the success of his projects and ruining his reputation.

He has intentions of making new discoveries in the field of robotics, building robots to benefit mankind, and maintaining peace between the two.

In Mega Man Maker

Currently, Dr. Light only appears in Mega Man Maker's level editor Tutorial. Opposite of Dr. Wily, Dr. Light encourages the player to make levels that are fun for everyone.

Dr. Light Editor.PNG


  • In Mega Man Maker's Tutorial, Dr. Light is likely written in such a way to be more relatable to beginner and casual players.
  • Dr. Light is loosely based on two sources, Thomas Edison, and Santa Claus.
  • Seven of the main eight Robot Masters from Mega Man 3, excluding Shadow Man, were partially built by Dr. Light.
  • Dr. Light's Proto Man was the first officially recorded Robot Master to ever be made.
  • Dr. Light's Charge Shot modification to Mega Man's Mega Buster in Mega Man 6 is weaker than Dr. Cossack's Charge Shot modification to Mega Man's Mega Buster in Mega Man 5. This implies that Dr. Light may be inexperienced at creating Robot Master weaponry, as he prefers peace over violence.