Dr. Light

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Dr. Light

Doctor Thomas Light, known simply as Dr. Light, is a major character in the Mega Man classic series.

He is a scientist and inventor, with the ability to create, modify, program, and reprogram various machines, robots, and Robot Masters. He is the inventor of Mega Man, Proto Man, Roll, and the Robot Masters from Mega Man 1 and Mega Man 9.

He was originally friends and classmates with Dr. wily at the Robot Institute of Technology, but both had a falling out. This led a long lasting rivalry between the two, due to Dr. Wily blaming Dr. Light for sabotaging the success of his projects and ruining his reputation.

In Mega Man Maker

Despite his prominence in the official titles, Dr. Light has minimal appearances in Mega Man Maker, only appearing in the Tutorial and as profile icons.


  • In Mega Man Maker's Tutorial, Dr. Light is likely written in such a way to be more relatable to inexperienced or casual players.