Dr. Wily

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Dr. Wily in his Mega Man 10 appearance.

Doctor Albert W. Wily, known simply as Dr. Wily, is the main antagonist of the Mega Man classic series.

He is a scientist and inventor, with the ability to create, modify, program, and reprogram various machines, robots, and Robot Masters. He is also known for his deception skills, manipulating others (people and Robot Masters) into doing his bidding, planning elaborate schemes, and being able to escape just about any situation if he is at a severe disadvantage.

He was originally friends and classmates with Dr. Light at the Robot Institute of Technology, but both had a falling out, due to Dr. Light getting his funding revoked and ultimately getting his "Double Gear System" project shut down, due to claiming the project could be too dangerous. This lead a long lasting rivalry between the two, due to Dr. Wily blaming Dr. Light for sabotaging the success of his projects and ruining his reputation.

He has intentions of world domination, and has been involved in various schemes intending to make those dreams a reality, but always fails due to Mega Man and his other allies interfering. However, despite always losing, Dr. Wily always seems to have a backup plan to escape being arrested.

In Mega Man Maker

In version 1.7.5 and prior, Dr. Wily only appears in Mega Man Maker's level editor Tutorial. Contrary to Dr. Light, Dr. Wily encourages the player to make levels difficult.

As of 1.8.0, Dr. Wily is present in the form of Wily Machine 4 and Wily Machine 6, piloting them as he does in the source games. Upon defeat, he will either escape in a capsule (Wily Machine 4) or fall to the ground and beg for forgiveness (Wily Machine 6).


  • In Mega Man Maker's Tutorial, Dr. Wily is likely written in such a way to be more relatable to experienced and hardcore players.
  • Dr. Wily himself can be destroyed with Rain Flush after Wily Machine 4 is defeated. This is taken directly from a glitch in Mega Man 4.