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An example of E and M tanks.

A Tank is a recurring pickup that appears in most Mega Man games. It consists of a cylindrical can that refills a specific kind of energy. Most kinds can be collected to be used later on, although the collectible ones have a cap. Those items were introduced in Mega Man 2 and have appeared in the majority of later games. Mega Man Maker currently has two types of Tanks: the E-Tank and the M-Tank.

While they can be found as floating objects, the ones held by Anti-Eddies are subject to gravity.


E-Tanks (or Energy Tanks) are the most prominent tanks in the classic Mega Man games, debuting in Mega Man 2. When used in the pause menu, they completely restore the player's health. In Mega Man Maker and most classic Mega Man games, the player can carry up to 9 of them at a time.


M-Tanks (or Mystery Tanks) are pickups similar to E-tanks, but with a more powerful effect. When used, they completely restore the player's health and refill the Weapon Energy for all of their weapons. Because of these powerful effects, the player is limited to carrying only one M-Tank at a time.

M-Tanks have appeared since Mega Man 5, where it could be collected once, and the player cannot find the other tanks if they already have one M-Tank. Here, it can be found if the player character has one M-Tank, but catching it is useless.


  • A lot of players align M and E tanks to spell out the word MEME.
  • Initially, if the M Tank is used when the health and all weapons are with full energy, it will turn all weak enemies on screen into extra lives, or give the player one extra life if no weak enemies are near. If this change was intentional, it was most likely done to prevent it from being too overpowered.
  • In Mega Man IV, Mega Man V and Mega Man 7, there was the S-Tank, which worked exactly like the M-Tank.
  • The tanks are referred to as cans in Japan.