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The Favorites Selection Wheel is a new editor addition added in the 1.5.0 version of Mega Man Maker. It allows the creator to access their favorites bookmark in a circular wheel without pulling down the creator tab. To use it, hold the Tab key. It is always fixed at ten wedges.

When open, the item that will be selected is the one the cursor is over. in the center, its icon will be shown as well. It is not necessary to click the object to create, putting the cursor suffices.

This tool is a part of the Level Builder.


  • This addition is inspired by the asset selection tool as shown in Super Mario Maker 2's Nintendo Direct announcement trailer, which also uses a wheel-like layout, the assets being divided into wedges, and the preview of the selected asset appearing scaled-up in the center of the wheel.
    • Humorously, time after the announcement on Twitter, the official Mega Man Maker page asked 'what's a Super Mario Maker 2'.