Floor Light

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Floor Light
Category: Level Objects
Game of origin: Mega Man 7

The Floor Light is a 1x1 gray, shiny platform that causes darkness in the scene while the player is stood on it. This level object originates in Mega Man 7, specifically from the Dr. Wily's first stage. It was added in 1.4.0.

When the player stands on it, it will generate a blackout that will render platforms invisible until the player stops stepping on it, while most level objects and enemies will remain visible. Other Floor Lights will be invisible if the player character stands over one. Since not being over one Floor Light for any time interrupts the blackout for that time, jumping from one will make everything visible while the player character is on the air. Touching the platform in a side other than its top will not cause the blackout.

The platform acts like solid terrain.

An example of Floor Lights in game.


  • In Dr. Wily Stage 1 of Mega Man 7, there were moving platforms that had the same effect. These platforms are absent on this game as of 1.4.2.
  • Since the Floor Light comes from the 16-bit game Mega Man 7, it lacks official 8-bit sprites. Because of this, the sprites used in Mega Man Maker were custom-made for the game by CosmicGem.
  • Similarly to the Punch Block, the Floor Light keeps the size of the original sprite.