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Health refers to the player's current health in Mega Man Maker. The player starts off with 28 health, but will lose health upon making contact with enemies, projectiles, bosses, or other hazards such as Force Beams. If the player's health reaches 0, they will die and respawn at the last checkpoint they passed.

Health Pickups

Small health.png Large health.png
A small health pickup
Game of origin: Mega Man 1+

The player can restore health by collecting health pickups. These pickups can be placed in levels, but can also be obtained as random enemy drops or by absorbing a projectile with the Plant Barrier. Small health pickups restore 2 health, while large ones restore 10 health.

A boss can be programmed to leave a large health pickup upon death instead of triggering the victory.

Health Spawner

The Health Spawner is a Pickup object in Mega Man Maker introduced in Version 1.3.0 that continuously spawns Large Health unless it is blocked by solid tiles and objects or the player character is standing over it. It produces one item at the time despite otherwise producing them indefinitely.

If there is an entity impeding the spawning of items and it is destroyed or moved, the Spawner becomes able to produce the Health pickups.


  • The design of the health pickups has changed throughout the course of the Classic Mega Man series.
    • In Mega Man 1 and Mega Man Powered Up, the health pickups resembled light bulbs. The small pickup did not blink in this game.
    • In Mega Man 2, the design of both pickups became a blinking circle with a shine effect on it.
    • In Mega Man 3-6, and in Mega Man 9-10, the pickups lost the shine effect, but kept the overall design from Mega Man 2. These are the designs used in Mega Man Maker.
    • In Mega Man 7 it has a yellow core and has a spherical cover with a top and a bottom cover of blue.
  • The design of the Health Spawner is a modified Picopico-kun block.

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