Iceman x fireman

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Iceman x fireman
Role: Moderator
Also known as Draco Centauros
Nothing Suspicious
Gender: Male
Lives in United States
Discord: Nothing Suspicious#9557
Website: YouTube

Iceman x fireman is a moderator for the Mega Man Maker Forums and the Mega Man Maker Official Server. They were accepted as trial moderator on May 15, 2020 and was promoted to full moderator the same year on July 4, 2020 alongside Sphyria. He also trialled as a Discord moderator on August 2nd 2020 and he was promoted to full moderator on October 13th 2020. Iceman x fireman applied in a moderator call opened since July of 2019.

He along with Sphyria suggested to make a moderator subforum which was eventually created. After Uranus suggested to make a section in the forums about Mods, Iceman x fireman and Sphyria showed their support with that idea.