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Creator(s): Aze
Playable character(s): Mega Man
Level setting(s): Charge: Mega Man 4
Slide enabled

Infiltration is one of the Example Levels from Mega Man Maker. It was created by Aze and it is included in Mega Man Maker since 1.5.0.

The level is for Mega Man, who can slide and charge his buster. He has the Mega Buster, the Tornado Blow and the Hornet Chaser, and in one path he can collect the Flash Bomb. The level has the aesthetics of Fake Man's level from Mega Man 9. Illusians are a constant hazard of the level, and there are also Adamskis, Diarns, Hannya Attackers, and Joe Classics. In some parts, there are Teleporters to jump out of them.

The level has two parts, the first has two passages that lead to a fight with Tornado Man, and the second part is a series of puzzles with Astro Gates. The level reuses the Illusian puzzles and Teleporter jumps from previous sections before finding the boss of the level, Astro Man.