Jet Platform

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Jet Platform
Screenshot of multiple Jet Platforms from Mega Man 7
Description: Step on the button and watch them fly at velocities of mach 0.001!
Category: Level Objects
Game of origin: Mega Man 7
Damage: 4 (explosion)
Programmer(s): WreckingPrograms
Spriter(s): Schmidkalkan

Jet Platforms are jet-propelled variants of the Count Bomb series of explosive level objects, specifically being an alternative upgrade that is different from, but similar to the Count Bomb NEO from Mega Man 7's Wily Stages. Jet Platforms are featured within Mega Man Maker as of it's 1.4.0 version update. If the Player Character steps on or collides with the trigger button on a Jet Platform it will activate and begin flying in a set direction as it's timer ticks down. Once the timer runs out it will explode, causing the Player to take damage if they are still on or near it.

Unlike standard incarnations of the Count Bomb, Jet Platforms don't flicker before they explode. Because of this, it's best to jump off them immediately once one's timer reaches 1 or 0 to avoid an unnecessary hit or unfortunate fall.

Jet Platforms will not stop once they have been activated. They will continue to fly if the play jumps off or back onto it and they will fly through solid objects rather than stopping or exploding prematurely.

Although Jet Platforms won't deflect projectiles from certain weapons fired by the Player Character, they are otherwise solid objects like standard Count Bombs or tiles. Because of this they can block Force Beams and certain enemy projectiles. Also, if the Player Character, enemies, or a Boss is caught in-between a moving Jet Platform and a solid wall they will be crushed to death instantly.


A Jet Platform in Mega Man Maker
  • Since the Jet Platform comes from the 16-bit game Mega Man 7, it lacks official 8-bit sprites. Because of this, the sprites used in Mega Man Maker were custom-made for the game by Schmidkalkan.
  • Although Jet Platforms and Count Bomb Neo both appear in Mega Man 7, they are not the same object. They are instead both seperate new incarnations of the Count Bomb. They are commonly mistaken to be the same thing.
  • Although Jet Platforms are featured in Mega Man Maker, the stationary Count Bomb Neo also from Mega Man 7 are not. This is most likely done to avoid redundancy, as Count Bomb Neo and standard Count Bombs are identical in function and appearance aside from minor design details.


  • If a Jet Platform collides with a Push Block and they run into a wall or other solid object the Jet Platform will push the Push Block through it. The Same will still happen if multiple blocks are put in a row in front of the Jet Platform, however more than two can lead to further glitchy results such a floating Push Blocks or further unpredictable reactions.

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