Key Door

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Key Door
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A Key and Key Door in Mega Man Maker.
Description: Opens if touched when a key is breing carried, consuming the key.
Category: Level Objects
Game of origin: Make a Good Mega Man Level 2
Added in version: 1.2.0
Programmer(s): SnoruntPyro (original version)
The Stove Guy (original version)
WreckingPrograms (ported and modified)
Meka (color options and multiple keys)
Spriter(s): Gaem (original redesign)
BigMaster (multiple keys)

Key Doors are Level Objects in Mega Man Maker. They were introduced in the 1.2.0 update. This object was taken from the Key Barrier in Make a Good Mega Man Level 2, which took inspiration from a similar barrier in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.


The Key Door is a three tiles long, blue, fine barrier with a red light in the middle. If the player attempts to open it without a Key, the red light will blink and the door will play an "invalid" noise. If the player opens it, the light turns green and the top and bottom segments make the way to the center, to which the door disappears and clears the path.

Key Doors that require two or more Keys have a screen with the respective number in place of the lock. The screen flashes in the same ways the regular red light does depending on the keys the player has when collididing with the Key Door.


A Key Door is solid and blocks the path. Due to their size, the vertical ones can be cleared with a normal jump from the player. As of version 1.6.3, any Keys can open any doors. It opens when the player touches it with at least one Key. When used, the player no longer possesses said key. Upon collecting a Checkpoint, any previously opened Key Doors will remain open after death or restart in the latest checkpoint.

The horizontal variant of the Key Door works the same as the vertical, aside from their position.

Since 1.7.0, Key Doors can be selected in 4 different colors. They can be opened using their respective color of keys. Additionally, Key Doors received options to require more than one key to open them, for which a screen with the number of required keys appear. The limit for each door is 9.


  • The Key Door, along with Keys, were the final items announced for 1.2 before the release date was revealed.
  • Originally, the Key, along with the Key Door, used the same design as the ones from Make a Good Mega Man Level 2. However, it was changed due to the design not fitting the Mega Man universe.