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Ladders are placeable assets in Mega Man Maker's Level Builder. They are important elements in most Mega Man classic games that allow the player to climb and are the only way to go to an upper screen (outside of Boss Doors) unless the low screen and the up screen are connected.

Ladders are treated as a non-solid tile in-game thus other assets cannot be placed over them.

Spikes, ladders and water are grouped together in the tilesets category of the Level Builder.

As of version 1.6.3, there are a total of 141 different types of ladders in Mega Man Maker. There are 6 ladders from Mega Man 1 and Mega Man 2, 12 from Mega Man 3, Mega Man 5 and Mega Man 8, 13 from Mega Man 4 and Mega Man 7, 18 from Mega Man 6, 16 from Mega Man 9, 22 from Mega Man 10 and 11 from Mega Man 11.

Flavor text references for ladders are listed here.

List of Ladders
Icon Name In-Game Description Game of Origin Added in Version
SprCatTilesIcons 6.png
Cut Ladder A red and green ladder. Mega Man 1.0.0
SprCatTilesIcons 10.png
Elec Ladder Woah, it's yellow.
SprCatTilesIcons 11.png
Bomb Ladder Woah, it's blue.
SprCatTilesIcons 12.png
Fire Ladder Woah, it's red.
SprCatTilesIcons 13.png
Wily Ladder 1 This new ladder 2.0 technology was used in Wily's next scheme, too.
SprCatTilesIcons 14.png
Wily Ladder 2 ...Of course, that attempt was the very next day, so that makes sense.
SprCatTilesIcons 16.png
Wood Ladder A fairly natural ladder, made of miniature logs. Mega Man 2
SprCatTilesIcons 17.png
Crash Ladder The shiniest ladder of the bunch.
Heat Ladder All praise the mighty Heat Ladder! 1.5.0
SprCatTilesIcons 18.png
Wily Ladder 3 This ladder is primarily used in factories, made of assorted metals. 1.0.0
SprCatTilesIcons 19.png
Wily Ladder 4 A very depressing ladder, straight out of the sewer.
SprCatTilesIcons 20.png
Wily Ladder 5 This revolutionary ladder got everyone hyped. 1.1.0
SprCatTilesIcons 97.png
Spark Ladder Started the trend of making ladders thinner than usual. Mega Man 3 1.0.0
Snake Ladder Slippery, and often found at high altitudes. What a dangerous combination. 1.5.0
SprCatTilesIcons 98.png
Needle Ladder Revolutionary gadgets allow this ladder to be somewhat transparent! 1.0.0
Needle Ladder 2 A very robust ladder made of thousands of tiny needles. Ouch. 1.5.0
SprCatTilesIcons 99.png
Top Ladder Extremely boring ladder, pure white. 1.0.0
Shadow Ladder Sometimes it's there, sometimes it's not... 1.5.0
SprCatTilesIcons 100.png
Magnet Ladder Despite being named the Magnet Ladder, this ladder is not magnetized. 1.0.0
SprCatTilesIcons 101.png
Hard Ladder Not the easiest ladder.
SprCatTilesIcons 102.png
Gemini Ladder This ladder makes the bold decision to do nothing new.
Wily Ladder 6 Perfect for an overwater sewer atmosphere. 1.5.0
Wily Ladder 7 Don't worry, no awful hitboxes on this one.
SprCatTilesIcons 103.png
Wily Ladder 8 A very comfortable ladder, tries to be unique. 1.0.0
Ring Ladder One could say it's a very one-sided ladder. Mega Man 4 1.5.0
Dive Ladder Hold on, was this ladder always jade?
Dive Ladder (Alt) Made specially to go nicely with its respective tileset.
SprCatTilesIcons 104.png
Skull Ladder A ladder made out of bones. 1.0.0
SprCatTilesIcons 105.png
Bright Ladder Careful this ladder doesn't blind you!
SprCatTilesIcons 106.png
Dust Ladder This ladder is covered in dust. Obviously, Wily doesn't clean it enough.
Drill Ladder After so many ladders, you've got the drill for sure. 1.5.0
SprCatTilesIcons 107.png
Cossack Ladder 1 Glorious motherland bring new invention - ladder that goes of up & down! 1.0.0
Cossack Ladder 2 The real Cossack Ladder 1 finally joins the battle! 1.5.0
Cossack Ladder 3 A visually distinct ladder, if you want to be really fancy.
SprCatTilesIcons 108.png
Cossack Ladder 4 Misaligned for no real reason other than to feel special. 1.0.0
SprCatTilesIcons 109.png
Wily Ladder 9 A ladder made out of ice. Don't worry - you won't slip.
Wily Ladder 10 Wily got bored of standard ladders and put a spin on this one. Literally. 1.5.0
SprCatTilesIcons 110.png
Stone Ladder Woah, it's blue again! Mega Man 5 1.0.0
Gravity Ladder Just flip your monitor around and the ladder will reverse your gravity! 1.5.0
SprCatTilesIcons 111.png
Crystal Ladder Also blue, but fancier. 1.0.0
SprCatTilesIcons 112.png
Napalm Ladder A newer variant of the Top Ladder, with a lime green tint.
SprCatTilesIcons 113.png
Gyro Ladder This ladder travels back to the future, bringing back transparency.
SprCatTilesIcons 114.png
Star Ladder Very high-tech ladder, used in nearly all space stations.
SprCatTilesIcons 115.png
Charge Ladder Extra grip, for use on runaway trains.
SprCatTilesIcons 116.png
Dark Ladder 1 False advertising, this ladder is actually fairly bright.
SprCatTilesIcons 117.png
Dark Ladder 2 False advertising, this ladder is actually kinda bright.
SprCatTilesIcons 118.png
Dark Ladder 3 False advertising, this ladder is actually very bright.
Wily Ladder 11 An unspecial purple ladder, quite unmemorable. 1.5.0
Wily Ladder 12 A special gray ladder, quite memorable.
SprCatTilesIcons 119.png
Blizzard Ladder Caught in a blizzard? Use this ladder to climb out of it. Mega Man 6 1.0.0
SprCatTilesIcons 120.png
Wind Ladder Manufactured in China, can withstand high winds.
Wind Ladder 2 A very thin ladder. I wouldn't use it over bottomless pits if I were you. 1.5.0
SprCatTilesIcons 121.png
Flame Ladder Flame-retardant ladder. 1.0.0
SprCatTilesIcons 122.png
Tomahawk Ladder Fans of blue are sure to go crazy over this one.
Tomahawk Ladder (Alt) This one sent the blue ladder fanbase into a mass panic. 1.5.0
SprCatTilesIcons 123.png
Centaur Ladder Unnecessarily detailed ladder from Greece. 1.0.0
Centaur Ladder (Alt) Unnecessarily detailed yellow ladder from Greece. 1.5.0
Centaur Ladder (Alt 2) Unnecessarily detailed orange ladder from Greece.
SprCatTilesIcons 124.png
Knight Ladder Unnecessarily detailed ladder from England. 1.0.0
Knight Ladder (Alt) This ladder has it in it to reuse an old overused joke. 1.5.0
Yamato Ladder A gray iron ladder perfect for secluded dojos.
SprCatTilesIcons 125.png
Plant Ladder Tag your friends to totally BEAN! them! 1.0.0
SprCatTilesIcons 126.png
Mr X Ladder 1 This ladder is not a Wily Ladder in disguise, I assure you.
Mr X Ladder 2 Tomahawk Man's ladder but prettier. 1.5.0
SprCatTilesIcons 127.png
Mr X Ladder 3 This ladder is also not a Wily Ladder in disguise, I assure you. 1.0.0
SprCatTilesIcons 128.png
Wily Ladder 13 An awkward green color for an otherwise well-rounded ladder.
Wily Ladder 14 The previous ladder but orange. What an evil deed. 1.5.0
Spring Ladder They say that on rare occasions, this ladder bounces you off it. Mega Man 7
Freeze Ladder We've removed the ice from this ladder to make it less finicky to grab.
Slash Ladder A ladder taken straight from an outdoor rope parkour. Be careful!
Junk Ladder This ladder was found in a nearby scrapyard. Still in a good state.
Junk Ladder 2 Objectively the prettiest purple ladder.
Shade Ladder A very gloomy ladder that's hard to grab onto.
Burst Ladder A very unique ladder that could detonate at any moment. RUN!
Turbo Ladder Despite its name, you can't climb it any faster than other ladders.
Cloud Ladder Guaranteed to be visible at all times, else you'll get a full refund.
Cloud Ladder 2 A sturdier Slash Ladder that conveys a feeling of outdoor climbing.
Wily Ladder 15 These ladders aided a heroic robot storm a fortress with awesome music.
Wily Ladder 16 This ladder's got a nice gamer tag on it.
Wily Ladder 17 A rusty and indented ladder, Wily probably ran out of time to polish it.
Astro Ladder Oh, you found the ladder, I feel so embarrassed... Mega Man 8
Frost Ladder A snow-white ladder, possibly the fairest one of all.
Sword Ladder An awkward take on the more detailed ladders with a lot of black.
Sword Ladder (Alt) Let's make this a fair stage.
Grenade Ladder Say hello to my cute ladders!
Aqua Ladder A mossy, unstable ladder. Not exactly handsome.
Search Ladder Search Ladder 1, where are you? We've got some work to do now.
Search Ladder 2 A metallic gray ladder, good-looking and fitting for a deep jungle.
Clown Ladder Pink seems to be popular with doctors and clowns alike.
Duo Ladder It's actually only one ladder. No 2-tile ladders here.
Wily Ladder 18 The glorious return of the Grenade Ladder. High production value.
Wily Ladder 19 A nice pink ladder for a nice pink stage. Never gets old.
Concrete Ladder Better climb this one quickly, the concrete is still fresh! Mega Man 9
Hornet Ladder Not the LADDEEEEEEEEERS!
Plug Ladder A very modern ladder, now in HD!
Splash Ladder Very ambient, carries scents of the sea.
Magma Ladder Tight jumps not included.
Galaxy Ladder With this one, you can climb to the outmost edges of the galaxy.
Tornado Ladder Not even the strongest wind can push you off this one.
Wily Ladder 20 Using this ladder without tons of spikes would be terribly inaccurate.
Wily Ladder 21 One of the spiciest color choices, looking like hot chili peppers.
Wily Ladder 22 A deep blue ladder with a mysterious aura.
Wily Ladder 23 <Obligatory pun about the color pink goes here>
Wily Ladder 24 The question why ladders can't animate is complex. In this essay I wil-
Fake Ladder You expected another awful pun, huh? Not this time!
Endless Ladder 1 You can, in fact, stack these endlessly.
Endless Ladder 2 An awkward color choice, more reminiscent of a Wily Fortress.
Endless Ladder 3 A dark blue ladder often present in traumatizing spike drops.
Blade Ladder Icon.PNG
Blade Ladder Rumor has it this ladder is actually made from tons of tiny swords. Mega Man 10 1.6.0
Solar Ladder Icon.PNG
Solar Ladder Touching this ladder is the equal to putting your hand on the stove.
Solar Ladder Alt 1 Icon.PNG
Solar Ladder (Alt) A toasty ladder with a bleached palette.
Sheep Ladder Icon.PNG
Sheep Ladder Occasionally electrocutes itself, damaging the pla- haha just kidding.
Pump Ladder Icon.PNG
Pump Ladder That kind of stinky ladder you find on pool exits.
Pump Ladder Alt 1 Icon.PNG
Pump Ladder (Alt) Perfect for climbing out of the 2ft deep pool you're stuck in.
Strike Ladder Icon.PNG
Strike Ladder Climbing in a baseball stadium is dangerous. Please stay safe.
Nitro Ladder Icon.PNG
Nitro Ladder Would be perfect for highways if highways had verticality.
Chill Ladder Icon.PNG
Chill Ladder Each ladder step is actually an icicle in disguise. Definitely not safe.
Chill Ladder Alt 1 Icon.PNG
Chill Ladder (Alt) A ladder so bright it'll make you feel like there's snow in your eyes.
Chill Ladder Alt 2 Icon.PNG
Chill Ladder (Alt 2) Yes! Finally, a ladder colored [R: 173; B: 231; G: 255]!
Chill Ladder Alt 3 Icon.PNG
Chill Ladder (Alt 3) C-C-C-Combo Breaker!
Wily Ladder 25 Icon.PNG
Wily Ladder 25 A ladder made of fully recycled materials. Dr. Wily: Earth's Biggest Ally.
Wily Ladder 26 Icon.PNG
Wily Ladder 26 Comes with a free set of Furaibons to knock you off of the ladder.
Wily Ladder 27 Icon.PNG
Wily Ladder 27 Reportedly, everything sells better in pink.
Wily Ladder 28 Icon.PNG
Wily Ladder 28 I'm getting the greens from this thing.
Wily Ladder 29 Icon.PNG
Wily Ladder 29 Just be glad climbing upside down ladders isn't any harder.
Wily Ladder 30 Icon.PNG
Wily Ladder 30 Right side up? Upside-down? All depends on your perspective.
Punk Ladder Icon.PNG
Punk Ladder *High-pitched guitar riff noises*
Ballade Ladder Icon.PNG
Ballade Ladder Basically the Blade Ladder but with extra letters.
Endless Ladder 4 Icon.PNG
Endless Ladder 4 Metal Gear...
Challenge Ladder Icon.PNG
Challenge Ladder Hmm... do Kaizo levels even use ladders?
Block Ladder Icon.PNG
Block Ladder Just another ladder in the list. Mega Man 11
Acid Ladder Icon.PNG
Acid Ladder This ladder was inspiration for one of 1999's most popular chart songs.
Blast Ladder Icon.PNG
Blast Ladder An old ladder from the 90's with built-in Blast Processing technology.
Bounce Ladder Icon.PNG
Bounce Ladder Very difficult to grip due to being made of rubber.
Tundra Ladder Icon.PNG
Tundra Ladder I'd advise against climbing ladders in a snowstorm, but you do you.
Impact Ladder Icon.PNG
Impact Ladder Hue hue... made a big impact... Pun of the Year every year baby.
Torch Ladder Icon.PNG
Torch Ladder Smells like charcoal, but doesn't boost the power of fire-type moves.
Fuse Ladder Icon.PNG
Fuse Ladder Made out of actual fuses, highly impractical.
Wily Ladder 31 Icon.PNG
Wily Ladder 31 Only two shades of gray, but also a nice beige.
Wily Ladder 32 Icon.PNG
Wily Ladder 32 Warning! MegaManMaker.exe has encountered a fatal error.
Light Ladder Icon.PNG
Light Ladder The opposite of the Heavy Ladder. But that doesn't exist yet.


  • Prior to 1.5.0, the only two ladders in Mega Man Maker that had transparency effects were the Needle Ladder and the Gyro Ladder.