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The MMM Level Creation Contest 2017 was an initiative of the streamer Byucknah The Red, that was oficially supported by the MMM Creator in the official discord server. Discord user She#0384 also helped out as Byucknah's assistant, answering questions and even stepping up twice as a potential judge but didn't due to more professional judges suitable for the contest. Several judges were assembled to carry out the LCC, here are the final results after an exhaustive work that has taken more time than the expected.

Here is the link to the official forum page.

And here, the final results

Final announcement of Byucknah (02/18/2018)

Wow everyone, what a pleasure this contest has been to help run. I know it has taken longer than expected, there were a couple of judge re-castings, and various other unexpected roadblocks along the way but we have finally concluded the first Mega Man Maker Level Creation Contest! I want to personally thank everyone for their level submissions, it was a blast to see all the creativity, love, and passion put into this contest from the community! Some of the best levels I have seen were in this contest and we can only go up from here! Getting straight to the point and what everyone is waiting for, here are your contest winners!

Traditional Category

1st Place: Noivs Final Score: 8.78 Level Name: MMMLCC 2017 - Crystal Clear Ascent Level ID: 159664

2nd Place: TimeLink Final Score: 8.76 Level Name: MMMLCC 2017 - Mines at Dusk Level ID: 163822

3rd Place: Drarky Final Score: 8.64 Level Name: MMMLCC 2017 - Assault Express Level ID: 163569

Non-Traditional Category

1st Place: Nickelasse Final Score: 9.24 Level Name: MMMLCC 2017 - Automata Fortress Level ID: 164129

2nd Place: AwaggKing Final Score: 9.2 Level Name: MMMLCC 2017 - Time For Wind Storm Level ID: 163772

3rd Place: Snoruntpyro Final Score: 8.92 Level Name: MMMLCC 2017 - The Best Enemy Returns Level ID: 164121

Challenge Category

1st Place: Meka Arius Final Score: 8.6 Level Name: MMMLCC 2017 - Escape From The Space Station Puzzle Level ID: 162326

2nd Place: Nickelasse (Already a 1st place winner, prize moves down to the 3rd and 4th place winners) Final Score: 8.12 Level Name: MMMLCC 2017 - Mega Lab Rat Level ID: 164128

3rd Place: LunuLeaf (2nd Place Prize) Final Score: 8.1 Level Name: MMMLCC 2017 - Spidget Finner Level ID: 163821

4th Place: Lefonna (3rd Place Prize) Final Score: 7.94 Level Name: MMMLCC 2017 - Time Station Level ID: 157096

Congratulations to each of our Category Winners! Prizes will be distributed shortly. Each of the 1st place levels will be reviewed by WreckingPrograms and discussed among the Mega Man Maker staff to determine if they will be turned into Example Stages that come baseline with Mega Man Maker. Remember, this is not a 100% guarantee and each stage needs to be reviewed first. I understand that I misspoke on the forums and apologize for that, but this was never a 100% guarantee and it is on my head for having misspoke. So again, if your 1st place stage does not become an example level, it's on me and no one else since I had miscommunicated.

With Mega Man Legacy Collection on sale on Steam right now, I am now able to provide/afford prizes to the Second and Third place winners in addition to the First Place winners! 2nd place winners will be receiving a copy of Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 and 3rd place winners will be receiving a copy of Mega Man Legacy Collection 1! Yay!

I hope that everyone enjoyed the contest in general, I know it was not perfect but here's hoping that the next contest will be even better! Keep an eye out in the announcements as WreckingPrograms will be posting a feedback form shortly to help compile feedback and opinions on the contest.

Again, thank you to everyone for submitting your stages and congratulations again to all the contest winners! And Finally, thanks to WreckingPrograms and all of the Mega Man Maker Staff for allowing this contest to happen!