Lift Platform

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Lift Platform
Lift Platform.png
Mega Man on a Lift Platform in Mega Man Maker.
Description: When stood on, it rises up until it hits a ceiling, then goes back down.
Category: Level Objects
Game of origin: Mega Man 3
Programmer(s): WreckingPrograms

A Lift Platform is a level object that is a pink square block with an arrow design on it. It originates from Spark Man's stage from Mega Man 3.

When a character stands on the a Lift Platform, it will quickly travel upwards. If there is nothing resembling a ceiling above a Lift Platform once it starts moving upwards, it will fly upwards infinitely until it eventually despawns upwards off-screen. If there is something resembling a ceiling above a Lift Platform once it starts moving upwards, the Lift Platform collide with the ceiling and then slowly descend back down to the Lift Platform block's point of origin.

The Lift Platform can potentially be very useful to the player in certain situations, as it can allow them to quickly travel upwards to reach new areas, or to enable the player to make wider jumps horizontally that they may not be able to make from a lower elevation.

The Lift Platform also has potential to be used as a makeshift trap, with the ability to crush enemies, bosses, and even the player, into ceilings or floors and defeat them instantly.


  • An Oil Slider oil puddle, and a Danger Wrap mine, are the only projectiles that can attach to a Lift Platform and not fall off if the Lift Platform rises into the air.



  • There are many different ways where Lift Platforms can be used to allow the player to clip into or through ceilings, walls, and floors.