Magnetic Interference

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Magnetic Interference
A section of the level from after the first checkpoint
Creator(s): Objectionable
Playable character(s): Mega Man
Level setting(s): Sliding enabled, Charging enabled, Mega Man 6 charge

Magnetic Interference is a level in Mega Man Maker that was created to demonstrate the newly added Magnetic Ceiling object included in 1.7.5. This level was created by Objectionable.

This level is featured as part of the Example Levels that come pre-installed with all downloads of Mega Man Maker since version 1.7.5 of Mega Man Maker.


  • By using Wheel Cutter next to the first wall of the level, the player can find a secret Weapon Capsule containing the weapon Charge Kick. Additionally, there is a less hidden room later on in the level where the player can complete a hard challenge to collect an M-Tank.
  • There is an unused area stored far away from where the regular level is located, likely used for testing. It is worth noting that there is a Coil Platform in place of what would be a Magnetic Ceiling.