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This page explains best practices for posting articles on the Wiki. The Mega Man Maker Official Wiki is dedicated to providing as much information as possible about Mega Man Maker, from its enemies, mechanics, and weapons to its levels, developers, and tiles. Every article should inform the reader about the subject as thoroughly and informatively as necessary to explain the subject's use and relation to Mega Man Maker. All articles should generally have good grammar and proper spelling.

Important tidbits

If you can't remember anything else, remember these nutshells to help you get started creating or editing a page.

  • Detail the important, state the obvious. Don't go in-depth about things that most readers will understand. For example, there's no need to explain what a fangame is because the vast majority of readers will already have that base knowledge.
  • Write in third person. Except for tutorials, policy pages, commented out notes or template descriptions, you have absolutely no reason to use second-person in an article. Instead, use terms like "the player" or Mega Man. Even more important, do not use "I" or otherwise refer to yourself in the Wiki articles, since they are meant to be edited by multiple people. First and second person pronouns can be used freely in user pages and talk pages.
  • Link to other articles wherever possible, but only link to an article once on a page. There are some exceptions to this, like linking in an infobox or in a section with a list or a chart.
  • Bold the subject, italicize media. The subject (or title) of the article should be repeated in the introduction and bolded. Always italicize the names of any media, such as Mega Man 9.
  • Use templates to notice the reader. Templates are used to inform the reader about the content they're reading.
  • Categorize wherever possible. Place an article into as many categories as it belongs in.
  • Do not link to user pages in the main articles. The user page of a person important for Mega Man Maker or an event related to this game is not the ideal place to get information about their roles. Linking to user pages also has the inconvenient of linking to an user without an account in this Wiki or one that has a different username.

Enhance an article

There are many tools at your disposal to create a visually appealing and helpful article. The best way to learn how to use a tool is to view the source of the page with the tool you're interested in by clicking Edit on an article. MediaWiki[1] also has some incredibly useful resources for wiki editors. Tools available to you include:

  • Images and galleries
  • Tables
  • Templates

Utilizing these tools in the best ways possible will greatly help in making an article look professional and helpful.

Naming an article

When naming an article, always use the official English name for the subject. If there are different English names in different regions, use the North American one. This is because a majority of readers will be North American. If there is no North American English name, the earliest official international English name should be used. If no English name is available, the earliest official international name may be used.

If a subject has multiple names, use the most common modern name as the name of the article and note all alternative names in the introduction.

Never use abbreviation when naming an article.


Sections are useful tools that can separate a page into multiple parts. These parts help to organize information about the greater subject.

There are a few important guidelines to remember with sections:

  • Write a section title like a sentence. Capitalize the first word and any proper nouns, including game titles and names.
  • Only make a section if there is enough information for it. There's no need to make a whole section for only a couple of tidbits of information, especially if they can fit elsewhere in the article. Do not add "Trivia" or "Glitches" sections if there is no information to go in the section.
  • Don't make a section just to link to another article. We have, as many other wikis do, a {{main}} template to direct the reader to an article with more information they may be looking for, but still, provide a summary or sample of the content of that article in the section.

Some very common sections include:

  • Appearance: These sections describe what a subject looks like in Mega Man Maker. These sections should be thoroughly detailed, with every possible detail and its reasons for appearing on the subject written in paragraph form.
  • Glitches: These sections list known glitches linked to the asset the page is about.
  • Trivia: These sections list as much random information as possible about the subject. These sections should be used incredibly sparingly; if the information can fit into a category of its own, it should be put there. Do not speculate in trivia sections, nor should you create needlessly long or short bits of trivia.
  • Development: These sections describe the development of the asset in Mega Man Maker, using known information available to describe how the asset came to be.
  • Behavior/Usage: These sections describe how an asset functions. Behavior sections explain how enemies, bosses, etc. function in-game, while usage sections should explain how weapons and tiles function in-game. Please avoid naming a section "In game" as it does not accurately or properly describe the content of the section.
  • Gallery: This section can be used for multiple images of the same topic in an article and is helpful to make them organized. However, there should not be too many images in a gallery. Always put galleries at the lower parts of the page, under Trivia or Glitches-

Never name a section the same name as the name of the article.


Main article: Mega Man Maker:Formatting

Formatting is one of the most important things to an article. If the information on a page is confusing, inconsistent, written poorly, or generally looks bad, the reader will either focus in on the errors or learn nothing from the article.


In general, articles should be written with proper American English. It can be easy to improperly spell things when writing an article especially from scratch, so an online spellchecker may come in handy. There are many free ones available online. For example, "flavor" should be written rather than "flavour", as the former is the most common spelling to American readers who make up a majority of the userbase. Avoid using contractions such as "isn't", "won't", "can't", "doesn't". Write these out fully instead, so that "doesn't" will become "does not", etc.


Verb tenses are important for a reader processing information. There are a couple of guidelines to remember, but the most important thing is to keep the tenses consistent. Never change verb tenses from past to present in the middle of an article for no reason. This will immediately confuse the reader.

  • When describing real-world events that have passed, use the past tense.
  • When describing fiction or story, or real-world events that are occurring, use the present tense.
  • Future tense has rare use and should generally be avoided. More on that below.

Adjectives and avoiding flowery text

It is possible to forget when you are taking deep dives into various assets, but the Wiki must keep an encyclopedic tone. Never use vague or pleasant adjectives to describe a subject as if you are writing fiction--this is entirely unnecessary and does not help the reader receive an accurate and unbiased understanding of the content. Different words may have different connotations to each reader, so it is critical to remain as objective as possible with word choice. Descriptions should always be limited to facts.

Avoid using time-related adjectives or adverbs as these may become outdated. Stating that something "recently" occurred will not be accurate in a year. Also as an example, saying an upcoming asset "will" appear in the next version of the game will quickly become outdated when the version comes out, and all pages on upcoming assets will need to be adjusted for tense issues. Instead, simply use the {{upcoming}} template to inform the reader that the content of the article relates to not-yet-released content of the game, and use present tense for the content of the article.

Text formatting

Only titles of works (referred to as media) should be italicized. There is no real need to put all and any important names in bold or italics.

The name (or subject) of the page should be restated in the introduction and bolded only once. All other uses of the name of the subject should not be formatted unless it is the name of media. For example, on the page Mega Man 9, "Mega Man 9" should always be italicized, but on the page Thunder Claw, "Thunder Claw" should never be italicized.

Other resources

Some of these policies have yet to be written. Please be patient while we roll these out.