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A Talk page is the page of a certain article, meant for meta-discussion of the article itself, including disagreements or ideas about the handling of a topic in the wiki. There are Talk pages for normal pages, for policy pages and for users.

Basic elements for a talk page

  • Any kind of personal pronoun may be used. Unlike articles, first and second persons are completely allowed.
  • Sign your entries. It is important to know who is writing a specific idea on the talk page.
  • Tak pages are about the wiki itself or its articles. This wiki seeks to document the content of Mega Man Maker. Therefore, all talk pages regardless of namespace should aim to upgrade the Wiki or its articles partially or totally. Talk pages are not to be used to discuss anything else.

What is a talk page for

The Talk pages are to:

  • Settle edit disagreements without involving in edit wars.
  • Propose a major change to an article.
  • Announce a major problem in an article.
  • Discuss with users about the Wiki.
  • Suggest to change something in a locked article.
  • Argue in favor or against the deletion, merging or splitting of articles.
  • Speak with an user about a rule infringement or a disagreement.

The Talk pages are not a place to:

  • Attack other users. Calling names, using discriminatory slurs of any kind, or answering in a passive-aggressive way are forbidden. Any disagreement or rebuking must be done civilly.
  • Introduce "First" or "Second". There is no race to add something in a talk page.
  • Share memes, advertise, or use the pages for jokes.
  • Promotion of propaganda for any stance or activism.
  • Write nonsense.
  • Opine about or criticize the game or the assets.
  • Speculate about additions in upcoming updates or about release dates, or write asset wishlists.
  • Suggest to change or introduce assets to the official game. Suggestions go in the #feedback_suggestions channel of the Discord server and in the Feedback and Suggestions subforum of the Forums.
  • Complain about a penalty in another platform of Mega Man Maker. See Mega Man Maker:Rules for more details.
  • Ask for the release date of an upcoming update.
  • Speak ill of a Mega Man Maker notable person, no matter how controversial they were or if the person is in bad standing in any of the platforms. The focus of person articles in this wiki is to speak about the relation between the person and Mega Man Maker as a developer or someone with a major role in the community. Even if the person in question did something terrible, doing sections to badmouth them distracts users from the purpose of the article and by extension the Wiki.
  • Recruit users to do illegal activities or to damage the Wiki. Doing this is grounds for a ban.
  • Involve in mini-modding. It is allowed to tell users that they are breaking a rule, but it is not to do so in a way that implies that you have powers to block them if you currently do not possess such faculties. This may make conflicts much more heated.

Editing comments

Usually, you must not edit or move comments by other users. There are exceptions, like attributing an unsigned entry or correcting links.

Comments by other people are never to be edited
  • To change the context of the comment.
  • To correct the spelling or grammar unless you have the original poster's permission.
  • To silence others' opinions.
Comments can be edited
  • To correct linking or formatting issues.
  • To remove spam, recruitment to illegal activities, vandalism or propaganda.
  • To delete links to products distributed in a way that might infringe its Copyright, like ROMs of commercial video games or full commercial series or films.
  • To attribute an unsigned entry to the poster.