Mega Man Perfect Blue Maker

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Mega Man Perfect Blue Maker
Proto Man's appearance in the mod
Game's version: Nsf Replacement/Asset Mod/Character Swap

Mega Man Perfect Blue Maker is a mod created by Red1Fouad, Triple Squid, and GamerFromTheWeb. It replaces the assets and music in Mega Man Maker with ones from former developer RRThiel's fangame Mega Man Perfect Blue, as well as providing alterations to a few game mechanisms.

The mod replaces many sprites and tilesets with Mega Man Perfect Blue styled ones made from scratch, as well as the addition of content from Mega Man Y+1, a popular fan game. The mod also adds some brand new features, such as a transparent HUD, as well as swapping Bass out for an original character, and a new boss over Crash Man. Since the developers had taken a long time to work on the mod, as well as other important projects, the mod has been released incompletely. The mod can be found in the Official Mega Man Maker Discord/Forum.


  • This mod is a mod that changes actual game features instead of solely graphics and music. It is also planned to be vanilla friendly, so normal levels can be played with the mod. Other contributors have helped with the sprites and a bit of coding, such as coreeno, babyjeff and others.