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Creator: UNKNOWN
(Blank Name)
Playable characters:  ???
Settings:  ???

N/A is a Mega Man Maker level that is classified as an Error Handler. This level has no creator, but is listed as made by UNKNOWN or (Blank Name).

This level can sometimes appear when Mega Man Maker attempts to load level data, but fails. It can occur in both online play and offline play. This level has existed since version 1.0.0 of Mega Man Maker.

Attempting to play it or load it into the Level Builder, may lead to Mega Man Maker softlocking when the "LOADING LEVEL..." window appears, as it seems to get stuck in a loop, attempting to locate and read level data that doesn't exist.

This level likely was created as an Error Handler, to ensure that Mega Man Maker does not crash when level data is not read and loaded correctly.

Offline Variant N/A


How It May Occur

The level N/A can be manually triggered to appear while playing offline at any time. This can be done by going to locally saved/downloaded levels, or Example Levels, opening the level preview screen for any level, and either deleting, renaming, or moving to a different folder, the level file associated to the one being previewed in-game. The level being preview in-game will immediately change from whatever level it originally was, into N/A.

Other Notes

  • The level is referred to by being created by "Unknown", despite not having a creator.
  • The listed playable character for the offline variant is determined by the starting playable character in the previous level played by the player. If no level has been played by the player prior in that session, the playable character defaults to Proto Man in version 1.3.0 and newer, and defaults to Mega Man in all versions prior.
    • If Mega Man is playable, his abilities default to: Slide enabled, Charge Shot enabled, Mega Man 6 Charge Shot.
    • If Proto Man is playable, his abilities default to: Double Damage enabled, Proto Strike enabled.
    • If Bass is playable, his abilities default to: Double Jump enabled.

Online Variant N/A


How It May Occur

The level N/A can occur online sometimes if the user's internet connection is unstable while trying to connect to Mega Man Maker's online server to access level data, and Mega Man Maker fails to retrieve the level data correctly.

Other Notes

  • The level is referred to by being created by "(Blank Name)", despite not having a creator.
  • The Level ID is labeled as -70, this is a placeholder value for non-existent data and is not a valid Level ID.
  • Most of the level's data is replaced by placeholder values such as "N/A" or "-70".
  • The placeholder value for the level creator's name, "UNKNOWN", as seen in the offline variant, is oddly not present for this online variant.


  • This is the only naturally occurring level to use the "/" symbol in its level name, as this character is not normally usable in level names, without using a text editor to manually modify a level file's in-game name.