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Proto Man using the Proto Shield.

The Proto Shield is Proto Man's shield which he uses to compensate for his fragility.

Since Proto Man's gameplay in Mega Man Maker is taken from Mega Man 9, the Proto Shield has the skill to reflect enemy shots from various angles including vertical projectiles even if he is already equipped with a weapon without weapon energy or has no weapon. However, the Proto Shield's hitbox and size is taken from Mega Man 10 to allow Proto Man to take more advantage of his shield.

It can also destroy Weapon Blocks if the adequate weapon necessary to destroy them is equipped. This includes weapons otherwise unable to destroy Weapon Blocks such as the Support Items or the Super Arrow though Weapon Blocks of Nothing remain indestructible. Destroying such blocks with the Proto Shield does not require weapon energy, which makes it an alternative way to destroy the blocks without wasting energy.

Non-reflectable projectiles are destroyed upon contact with Proto Man's shield in the official games; however, this was not carried over to Mega Man Maker. Instead, some projectiles are reflected or bypass the shield and damage Proto Man.

Reflectable Projectiles

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Asset Name Reflectable Projectile(s)
  • Projectile shots
Picket Man
  • Thrown pickaxes
Screw Bomber
  • Projectile shots
Crazy Razy
  • Electricity
Flying Shell
  • Projectile shots
Footholder (Green)
Neo Met
Sniper Joe
Crazy Cannon
  • Carrot projectiles
Hot Dog
  • Fireballs
Hammer Joe
  • Thrown hammer projectiles
New Shotman
  • Projectile shots
Petit Snakey
Hari Harry
  • Needles
  • Cannonballs
Gyoraibo (both inside and outside water)
  • Vertically rising missiles
Skeleton Joe
  • Thrown bone projectiles
  • Projectile shots
  • Arching gumballs
  • Projectile shots
Wall Blaster
  • Projectile shots
Totem Polen
Pakatto 24
  • Mummira's heads
  • Rings
Train Met
  • Projectile shots
Crystal Joe
  • Crystal projectiles, including during formation
  • Projectile shots
Rock Thrown
  • Launched rocks
    * Shattered rock projectiles
Bomb Thrown
  • Launched bombs
Metall Cannon
  • Cannonballs
  • Projectile shots
  • Gun bullets
Fire Telly
  • Vertically dropped fireballs
  • Snowballs
Ben K
  • Thrown spears
  • Vertically dropped bombs
  • Debris after exploding
  • Projectile shots
  • Homing missiles
  • Ice blocks
  • Vertically dropped bombs
  • Projectile shots
Icicle Teck
  • Vertically dropped Icicles
  • Projectile shots
Frisk Cannon
Kaminari Kogoro
  • Vertically downwards moving Electricity
  • Projectile attacks
Shell'n (Both inside and outside water)
  • Bubbles
Bunby Tank DX
  • Missiles
Joe Classic
  • Projectile shots
  • Grenades
Wall Teck
  • Projectile shots
Big Telly
  • Vertically dropped bombs
  • Rocks from counter-attack for being hit
    * Rocks from counter-attack for being defeated
  • Launched bombs
Flower Presenter
  • Plant missiles
Fire Totem
  • Fireballs
  • Projectile shots
  • Vertically dropped rocks
    * Rocks shattering on ground
  • Arching shots
  • Larger shots
  • Smaller shots
Cargou Q (both variants)
  • Both ball projectile variants
Kaona Geeno
  • Projectiles from breaking snowman head
  • Moving window pane projectile
Sola 0
  • Solar energy beam projectile
Bari III (Head)
  • Sound wave projectile
Mecha Pitchan (both variants)
  • Both baseball projectile variants
  • Acid blob projectile
Air Stone
  • Projectiles


Asset Name Reflectable Projectile(s)
Cut Man
Ice Man
Bomb Man
Time Man
  • Clock hand arrow projectiles
Bubble Man
  • Water spurts (Inside water)
    * Bubble Lead (Inside and outside water)
Wood Man
Crash Man
Metal Man
Spark Man
  • Small sparks
  • Spark Shock
Top Man
  • Spinning tops
Magnet Man
Hard Man
Ring Man
Skull Man
  • Skull Buster
Pharaoh Man
Stone Man
Crystal Man
Napalm Man
  • Missiles
  • Napalm Bomb
Charge Man
  • Vertically downwards falling coals
Wind Man
  • Propeller blades
Flame Man
Knight Man
Plant Man
Shade Man
Grenade Man
  • Vertically falling ceiling debris
  • Small grenades
  • Flash Bomb explosions
  • Flash Bomb
Astro Man
  • Orbiting sphere projectiles
  • Astro Crush
Concrete Man
Sheep Man
  • Sparks
  • Floor sparks
Pump Man
Blast Man
  • Small bombs
  • Power Gear bombs
Bounce Man
  • Bounce Man's individual small body parts when hit by his primary weakness

Level Objects

Asset Name Reflectable Projectile(s)
Fire Beam
  • Fire beams (two farthest tiles only)
  • Idling flames
Elec Beam
  • Electric beams (two farthest tiles only)
  • Cannonballs

In the official games

In the Mega Man games, Proto Man has always had the Proto Shield, though he did not use it actively to defend himself in the NES or Game Boy games.

  • In Mega Man 7, the Proto Shield appears as Proto Man's defense against projectiles during his friendly boss battle and as an unlockable weapon for Mega Man to despawn some enemy projectiles or protect against contact damage to some extent while he remains still in the floor.
  • In Mega Man Powered Up, Proto Shield protects Proto Man against projectiles, but the shield is pushed away when touching a projectile and Proto man would have to retrieve it to be able to use it for the remainder of the stage. However, Proto Man will always have it again after starting or restarting a level.
  • In Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10, Proto Man uses his shield to reflect enemy projectiles. In Mega Man 9 his shield is small, but in Mega Man 10, its size was increased to allow more enemy projectiles to be reflected.


  • Reflecting a Metal Blade thrown by Metal Man will always defeat Metal Man instantly, regardless of what Metal Man's weapon weaknesses and resistances are set to.
  • When a projectile is deflected by Proto Man's shield, the projectile is usually treated as despawned in relation to the source asset that fired it. This causes some assets to fire another projectile to replace the reflected one.
    • An odd exception to this rule is Cyorown: reflecting their projectile will make them behave as if they have damaged the player despite not doing so, causing a Cyorown to taunt the player.
  • When Shade Man's uncharged Noise Crush is reflected by Proto Man's shield, Shade Man loses the ability to absorb and fire a charged Noise Crush.
  • When Icicle Teck's icicle projectile is reflected by Proto Man's shield, it loses the ability to land on solid objects and be used as a temporary platform.
  • When Bokazurah's cannonballs are reflected by Proto Man's shield, they lose the ability to destroy Bokazurah Blocks. However, the reflected cannonballs can destroy incoming cannonballs and activate Bokazurahs themselves.
  • When fire projectiles that would normally set Oil on fire or light the fuses of TNT are reflected by Proto Man's shield, the reflected fire projectiles lose the ability to ignite assets.