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An example of Rain in Mega Man Maker
Category: Level Objects
Game of origin: Mega Man 9

Rain is a level object that was introduced in version 1.5.0 of Mega Man Maker. It pushes the player in its direction whenever the player is in the air, but not when it is on firm terrain. Depending on its direction, it can either help the player jump on longer distances or hinder the aerial mobility in a direction. The player's movement will not be affected if the player character is standing, only when it is jumping. Not only does rain affect the player, but also pushes Nombrellans, which can make them dangerous due to potential contact damage.

Rain Flush's boost to the player mid-air overrules the rain's force during the short time of the weapon activation. Nor Time Slow nor Flash Stopper can interrupt the rain physics on the player character.

The author can change speed and direction of the rain in the Level Builder. It can go either left and right and the speed can go from 1 to 5. Rain will only go until whenever the terrain allows it, so the player will not be affected by it while the player is under solid terrain or underwater. Ladders or level objects that otherwise act as solid terrain do not block the rain. In the Level Builder, rain is added through a small generator put on the screen in which the rain is wanted to appear. There can be only be one rain generator in a screen.

In the original Mega Man games

Its first appearance was in Mega Man 4, specifically in Toad Man's stage, where it complicated Mega Man's jump from left to right. Rain acts similarly in the opening stage Mega Man & Bass, in which it appears in a section referencing Toad Man's stage.

In Tornado Man's stage in Mega Man 9, there were some sections where rain could make it difficult to jump horizontally depending on the rain direction.