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Ring Platforms are vanishing platforms from Ring Man's stage added into Mega Man Maker Version 1.3.0. These bridges come in two forms: the standard Ring Platforms that appear to be made of Rainbows, and the segmented multi-ring like Coil Platforms. The rainbow ring platforms will disappear from left to right if the player stands on the rainbow part. Similar goes for the Coil Platforms, however they instead fold from right to left when the player stands on the coils. Unlike Mega Man 4, Enemies and Pickups won't make them vanish. Both the Ring and Coil platforms can be jumped through from below by enemies, bosses, and the player character despite being solid both ways in Mega Man 4.

An example of Ring Platforms (bottom) and Coil Platforms (top).


  • When originally released in the Version 1.3.0 update, there was a bug in the level editor that displayed Ring and Coil platforms placed next to each other as one single object with a mixture of rainbow and coil segments. When the level was played however, they would be in separate sections like normal. It was later patched in a following update.
  • Originally in Mega Man 4, the Ring and Coil platforms did not collapse in an exclusive direction, however in the Game Boy Mega Man IV the platforms did reappear with each collapsing their respective directions like how they do in Mega Man Maker.


  • The Docron enemy will clip through Ring/Coil Platforms if they are dropped on them from a spawner above. They will initially land normally, but after finishing their slight bounce animation will instantly fall through. This only happens specifically when dropped from a spawner, as those who fall from above or spawn on the platform will not fall through.