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Please follow these rules when creating or editing pages on the wiki. The moderators reserve the right to suspend or ban your account if you do not follow these rules.

  • Do not vandalize or troll. Only create or edit pages if you're serious about it; do not attempt to cause harm to the wiki or staff in any possible way.
  • Be objective. Opinions and other subjective material does not belong on the wiki. For example, do not create a tutorial on how to make a good level. Opinions of (former) developers can still be listed under trivia if they meet the requirements listed below.
  • Streamers/YouTubers should use the Streamer namespace. In other words, your page name should follow the format of Streamer:Name. If you accidentally created a streamer page without this namespace and want to move it, do not leave a redirect behind.
  • Only include non-Mega Man Maker pages or trivia if it's relevant. That is, do not include pages/trivia that are obscure or unreasonably subjective. For example, notable/famous opinions of (former) developers or staff ("Shine is the lead developer's favorite weapon"), community memes (Pronto Man) and references ("Knight Man's description is a reference to Mega Man Rock Force's ending sequence") are allowed; non-community memes ("Skeleton Joe is often called Bone Man in the GigaBoots community") or opinions that do not meet the aforementioned criteria ("This is streamer X's least favorite enemy") are not allowed. Streamer pages are allowed if they use the aforementioned namespace.