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The Slide is an ability introduced in Mega Man 3 that is usable by Mega Man (if enabled) and Proto Man. Sliding changes the players 1x2 hitbox into a 2x1 hitbox, allowing the player to get into tight corridors. The slide can be mapped to a button, but can also be done by pressing down+jump. Sliding does not last long under normal conditions, but it will not end if the player is in a small corridor that does not have room for them to stand up. Normally, Bass cannot perform the Slide and instead dashes, but Charge Kick can allow Bass to slide and Bass will slide if he was spawned by a Character Capsule or by bosses that trigger a character change upon defeat. The Charge Kick also will allow Mega Man to slide if it is otherwise disabled. Bass's sliding animation is the same as his dashing animation but smaller without the use of Charge Kick. Characters get different victory animation when winning while sliding. Mega Man and Proto Man do a positive gesture, while Bass does a facepalm.