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Spawners are variations of enemies and level objects in Mega Man Maker that continually spawn multiple of their corresponding entities. In the Level Builder UI, they are depicted as the enemy or level object they spawn with a rotating arrow over it.

In-Game Functionality

A spawner will spawn entities at a regular rate. As of version 1.4.0, there are spawners for the Telly, Killer Bullet, Flying Shell, Fly Boy, Docron, Giree, and Rolling Drill. The Killer Bullet, Flying Shell and Fly Boy Spawners are invisible. Giree and Rolling Drill Spawners are visible and non-solid. Telly Spawners are visible and solid. Docron Spawners are visible, deal damage and can be destroyed. Fly Boy, Killer Bullet, Flying Shell and Giree Spawners can be set with the same options as the individual enemy and all enemies spawned from it will have that same setting, for example, setting a Fly Boy Spawner as red will only spawn red Fly Boys.

Telly Spawner

A Telly Spawner in game.

The Telly Spawner is a solid blue block with a black opening in the center that can be walked on. It will spawn a Telly enemy every few seconds. The Telly spawned does not need to be destroyed for another to be spawned by the spawner, allowing for multiple to swarm the screen.

Flying Shell Spawner

The Flying Shell Spawner serves as an invisible spawn trigger for the Flying Shell enemy. The spawner is invisible while the level is being played and will only function as it's on-screen. Once On screen, a Flying Shell will spawn from the edge of the screen corresponding with set direction of the Spawner rather than where the spawner is specifically placed. Once a Flying Shell has spawned, the spawner will not spawn another until the original flies off screen or is destroyed. The Flying Shell Spawner can be set to move either left or right, with the direction also determining which edge of the screen the enemy will spawn from.

Killer Bullet Spawner

The Killer Bullet Spawner in the Level Builder UI.

The Killer Bullet Spawner is a spawn trigger for the Killer Bullet enemies. The spawner is invisible while the level is being played and will only function as it's on-screen. Once on screen, a killer bullet will spawn at the set edge of the screen at the Player Character's current height rather than at the spawner's location. Once the spawned Killer Bullet is destroyed or travels off screen, another will be instantly spawned assuming the spawner is still on screen. Killer Bullet Spawners can be set to spawn any of the three colors of Killer Bullets and can be set to face either left or right.

Fly Boy Spawner

A Fly Boy Spawner in the Level Builder.

The Fly Boy Spawner is a spawn trigger for the Fly Boy enemies. The spawner is invisible while the level is being played and will only function as it's on-screen. Once on screen, A Fly Boy will spawn and fall from the sky, landing where the spawner is set and ignoring any solid ground that may be above it. The first Fly Boy does not need to be destroyed or despawned for another to spawn from the same spawner, however one spawner can only have two on-screen at a time and will stop producing more until one or both have been killed or end up off screen and despawn. Fly Boy Spawners can be set to spawn either red or green Fly Boys.

Docron Spawner

A Docron Spawner creating a Docron in game.

The Docron Spawner is a type of enemy that continuously spawns slightly modified versions of the Docron enemy. They will spit out a new Docron every few seconds directly below them. The initial Docron Spawned does not need to die or despawn for another to spawn, however only two from one spawner can ever be active at a time. Unlike other spawners, this is not because the Spawner is programmed to stop production. Instead, the Docrons spawned by the spawner will automatically die after a few seconds. This is unique to Docrons spawned by the spawner, as Normal Docrons placed manually in the level won't die after being on-screen for a period of time. Also unlike most other spawneres, the Docron Spawner is the only one that acts as a standard enemy. The small blue ceiling hatch can be shot at and destroyed, frozen by Ice Slasher, and can damage the player upon contact.

Giree Spawner

A Giree Spawner in game.

The Giree Spawner is a non-solid Giree Shaped opening that serves as a spawner for the Giree enemy. When a Giree is spawned, it will move in it's set direction sticking to whatever surface ti's touching. If a Giree Spawner is placed in the air, the Giree will drop directly downward and from there act as normal once it hits the ground assuming it does. Only three Girees spawned from a single spawner can be active and on-screen at a time. Once 3 have been spawned, the spawner will stop creating more until one or more of the 3 have traveled off screen or somehow destroyed. Giree Spawners can be set to any of the four colors that Girees can, with the square edges of the spawner changing in color in-game to match the color of Giree they spawn.

Rolling Drill Spawner

The Rolling Drill Spawner is a non-solid garage that serves as a spawner for the Rolling Drill Level Object. Once on screen, they will spawn a destructive Rolling Drill and set it to move in a set direction. a few seconds after the Rolling Drill spawned is off-screen or destroyed, the Spawner will open up again and then spawn another one. The Rolling Drill Spawner can be set to face either left or right.

Fire Met Spawner

The Fire Met Spawner is a soild structure that will drop a Fire Met on its bottom after some time. This Spawner is indestructible and does not damage the player directly. Electricity can stop this spawner for a while.

Hoohoo Spawner

The Hoohoo Spawner is another invisible spawner and as it name describes it generates Hoohoos. When the spawner is onscreen, a Hoohoo will appear constantly. Its direction can be set between left and right, and all Hoohoos spawned will have that direction. There can only be one spawned Hoohoo at the same time by each spawner.


  • If the player walks past a Killer Bullet spawner that is going in the same direction as themselves, the spawner will only spawn enemies once it is behind the player.
  • The Telly Spawner was the first spawner in the game.
  • Out of all the enemies with a spawner, Tellies are also the earliest ones.
  • Originally in Mega Man 2, Telly Spawners were not solid.
  • Flying Shell Spawners only spawn enemies if there is no current Flying Shell spawned by that same spawner in the screen.