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Role: Forum moderator (formerly)
Discord moderator (briefly)
Also known as DumbRobot
Gender: Male
Lives in Northern France
Discord: DumbRobot#9557

Sphyria is a former moderator for the Mega Man Maker Forums and a trial moderator on the Mega Man Maker Official Server. They were accepted as a trial moderator on May 26, 2020 and promoted to full moderator on 4 of July, both times alongside iceman x fireman.

Sphyria reached out to BigMaster and Goldstorm to apply as a forum moderator due to the shortage on active moderators in the forums at the time. He also entered in trial phase to become a Discord moderator.

He was demoted from moderating both platforms on 29th July 2020. He revealed that he was an alt of banned user LightDaemon shortly after.