Storm Fortress

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Storm Fortress
Don't get too blown away.
In-Game Information
Category: Levels
Misc. Information
Series Information
Game of origin: Mega Man Maker

Storm Fortress is a Mega Man Maker level that is traditional in nature. This level was made by Aze.

The level involves Mega Man equipped with Mega Buster, Thunder Beam, Blizzard Attack, Knight Crusher, Power Adaptor and Jet Adaptor traveling through a fortress filled with wind themed obstacles, as he makes his way to confront and defeat Wind Man.

This level is featured as a part of the Example Levels, that has come pre-installed into all downloads of Mega Man Maker since version 1.4.0 of Mega Man Maker. The level was likely chosen as an Example Level due to showing off some of the newly added weapons, tilesets, backgrounds, level objects, enemies and a boss, added in Version 1.4.0.

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