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Category: Level Objects
Game of origin: Mega Man 8

TNT, or more specifically, a crate containing TNT, is an explosive level object that comes from Mega Man 8, specifically Grenade Man's stage.

TNT consists on a crate occupying a 2x2 space. If it has a fuse, fire can burn it and cause the block to detonate alongside any connected TNT block. "Fire" includes enemies based on fire, like Fire Mets, ignited Oil, and fire weapons. After detonated, these blocks will not regenerate even if the player character leaves the zone where those blocks originally were, unless it goes to a disconnected screen. However, TNT crates will reappear if the player repeats the level by dying or restarting the level, like other items.

When each of these blocks explode, the explosion will expand to blocks in the straight lateral directions.

In the Level Builder, the presence or absence of a fuse can be enabled or disabled. Individual TNT crates will not have connections, but a group of joint TNT crates will have a pole connecting them to establish that the TNT crates will have a chain reaction when exploding.


  • The 8-bit sprites of the TNT were designed by Zedicon.