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Rockman Complete Works artworks are used, and heres how to capitalize them.

As you know (or might not), the artworks used for the Robot Masters (MM1-6) are from Rockman Complete Works, a japanese celebration game putting Mega Man 1-6 in a collection. However, the images used are capitalized with "Artwork of (Robot) from (Normal Game)" for artworks from the game. However, stating "Artwork of (Robot) from Rockman Complete Works ((MM game))" Example: "Artwork of Nice >:) from Rockman Complete Works (Mega Man 2)" Please change the artwork captions to that and not the other one, unless they came from a non-collection game (For example, if Sheep Man's artwork is from Mega Man 10 and not a collection game, it will be "Artwork of Sheep Man from Mega Man 10")