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Justazag, Streamer, Image Editor, Frequent Contributor.
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Justazag is a Moderator of the Mega Man Maker Wiki, as well as a frequent player of Mega Man Maker and long time contributor to the wiki. Many pages in the Weapons and Bosses section have been made by him, with many others being based on the format he initially established as the standard.

In addition to the written/fixing articles, Justazag has contributed a large portion of imagery to the wiki, providing easy to access official art with transparent backgrounds along with several edits based on official art that serve as substitutes for some articles that lack any official art or suitable recreations made by other fans that permit the use of their art. Other edits by him include modifications and recolors of Proto Man and Bass to portray them using weapons featured in Mega Man Maker that they wouldn't have official art of.

He is also associated with Gigaboots as a thumbnail artist where many of his edits and image isolations are featured.

Need Some Help?

If you require any help with anything regarding the MMM Wiki then direct message me on discord or bring it up in the Wiki Section of the official Mega Man Maker discord and I will do what I can to help resolve whatever problem there may be!

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