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Uranus is a former Pichu Army leader and former Scloof Corp member, he now owns the United Corporations. He is one of the most well known users and is very active. He is also a forum and wiki moderator.

Origin Era

Uranus joined the forums on April 26th 2018 when 1.4 was near release, He favoured the inclusion of Blizzard Man And Centuar Freeze. After the release of 1.4, Uranus would move to General Chat and Other Games for the most part. His first level that he posted (Icycle Mountain) got bad reviews and a sequel was created (Return to Icycle Mountain) got slightly more positive reviews.

Uranus would then get a locked thread due to his Mafia game having no host, soon he overreacted to a curse word and got a warning. Soon he started an interest in Pichu and started #BuffThePuff. He began posting on MMM Forum Battles, a thread that he posted in often. He then got hate for hating Heat Ladder

Pichu Army Era

In the Forums there were two corporations, Scloof Corp and Dusty Boi Legion. In November, they fought battles with each other. Uranus created the Pichu Army to show respect for Pichu and to serve as a rival the Dusty Boi Legion and Scloof Corp. In the first round of the battle he commanded the pichus and almost created armageddon.,but Uranus was inactive during Round 2 and he lost. The Pichu Army would become defunct soon after.

Modern Era

Nothing happened much until December when Uranus Launched the United Corporations. LightDaemon was the only member aside from Uranus. It was created to bring a balance throughout the forums. Since then. The United Corporations is still open. But currently inactive in the activity area. He began making levels for the challenges, these inculde Snaky Scary Snakes and an Elec Man Remake. For the next few months, nothing really happened. Uranus made One Massive Word Story in March 2019, it has the most posts for forum games that were created in 2019. Uranus has done nothing major else expect be responsible for the jumping ship rule being created.

25th March 2020

Many things happened on this day, firstly and most importantly, Uranus hit 1000 posts on the forum. He also began backs and forth with both NMario84 and Yosho. He also posted on every forum game on the first page.

Modern Era (Again)

Uranus would get a second warning for replying to a spambot (although it was a misunderstanding). He then applied to be a moderator for the forums. But was unsuccesful. Then he tried again and was accepted and he became a mod on July 21st 2020. He would apply for Beta Tester on August 10th 2020 But was denied. He then applied to moderate the other community services. While he was denied for the Discord, He was accepted for the wiki. He passed the trial phase on October 13th 2020.

Moderator Era

This era can be viewed on the offical Uranus Page