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Some glitches I found

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Mega Man ver. J75

Here's a Mega Man Maker sub-game I came up with:

The year is 20XX. Dr. Thomas Light creates a robot with incredibly advanced A.I. and independence beyond what anyone has ever seen. Several years later, many robots are working happily at their jobs; Cut Man is a lumber felling robot, Time Man is a time-travel experiment robot, Toad Man is a water irrigation robot, and Wind Man is an agricultural harvesting robot. One day, they all disappeared in a surge of purple energy. One month later, Dr. Light received a transmission from Dr. Wily that he is taking over the world with an army of 8 Robot Masters and kidnaps Roll. The battle of Mega Man vs the legendary mad scientist who seems a hasn't ended yet!


Cut Man (

Time Man (

Bubble Man (

Spark Man (

Toad Man (

Charge Man (

Wind Man (

Spring Man (

Petit Devils (

Vent System (

Midboss Rematches (

"Wily" [First Fight] (

"Wily" [Second Fight] (


Cut Man>Spark Man (Pliers cutting electrical wires)

Spark Man>Time Man (Short-circuiting electrical clocks)

Charge Man>Wind Man (Charges with more force than wind)

Wind Man>Cut Man (Cut Man is lightweight)

Time Man>Charge Man (Slowing down something that moves fast)

Spring Man>Bubble Man (Wild Coil pops Bubble Lead)

Bubble Man>Toad Man (Bubble-like tadpole eggs encase young toads)

Toad Man>Spring Man/"Wily" (Acid corrodes metal/bones)

Secondary Weaknesses:

Buster>Cut Man (Reference to his low defense in the first game)

Cut Man>Bubble Man (Rolling Cutter pops Bubble Lead)

Bubble Man>Time Man/Charge Man/Wind Man (Water-logging electric clocks/[Breaks passive tone] Most spammable weapon that isn't Charge Man's strength)

Time Man>Spark Man (Electricity conducts as fast as it moves)

Spark Man>Toad Man ([Breaks passive tone] "Do you know what happens to a toad when it's struck by lightning?")

Toad Man>None(Complications)

Charge Man>"Wily" [Second Fight] (No clue)

Wind Man>Spring Man (Spring Man is lightweight)

Spring Man>"Wily" [First Fight] (No clue)


Mega Man/Proto Man/Bass breaches "Wily"'s fortress, takes out the group of Petit Devils guarding it, enters the vents and outsmarts the system stopping intruders. "Wily" even sends Midbosses at him, but the Blue Bomber/Proto Man/Bass can't be stopped. When he gets past the boss rematches "Wily" reveals himself to be Skull Man disguised as his master in order to lure Mega Man for revenge and at the same time make the world give in to Wily. He escapes to his true base waiting for the protagonists. However, when he fights them, Skull Man still loses. Proto Man suddenly leaves and Wily appears on a screen. He tells Mega Man & Bass that even though his next Wily Machine isn't finished, he and the protagonists will meet again and destroys Skull Man's base. The Mega Man & Bass escape however and peace is restored.

Bass leaves to find Wily while Proto Man appears and tells Mega Man that he rescued Cut, Toad & Wind Man and returned them to their creators.