Wily Firewall

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Wily Firewall
Category: Level Objects
Game of origin: Mega Man 11

The Wily Firewall is an advancing wall of fire originated from Torch Man's stage in Mega Man 11.

The Wily Fireball is as big as a screen and advances from a direction to another, stopping when the player character goes to a disconnected screen. It will kill the player character and enemies, ignite Oil, detonate TNT, and melt Ice Blocks. Its initial point, its trajectory and its speed[1] can be defined in the Level Builder.


  • When announcing this level object, WreckingPrograms did puns around the word "Firewall", on its sense as a wall of fire and as protection against virus in software.
  • The 8-bit sprites for the Wily Firewall were designed by Schmidkalkan.[2]