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Version 1.0.2 is a minor update to Mega Man Maker (back when it was known as "Mega Maker"), released on July 18, 2017. In this update, the Winamp extension was abandoned in favor of the Chiptune Player due to the crashes it caused and the volume being restarted whenever a new music was played. The update also diminished the lag.

It was uploaded first on the Mega Man Maker Official Server, since website programmer Mors was offline at the moment.


  • Removed Winamp in favor of the Chiptune Player. This means there will no longer be random Winamp errors on startup and the volume won't reset itself every time a new track is played
  • Significantly reduced lag on lower-end PCs
  • Water now goes through Dust Blocks and Pole Eggs

Fixed bugs

  • Nado still played a sound while the game is muted
  • Pickups get stuck at the bottom of the screen
  • Plant Man doesn't work properly when offscreen (his shield disappears immediately)
  • Dying on just the right frame can crash the game
  • Enemies sometimes don't reset their position when changing screens