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Version 1.4.0 was a major update to Mega Man Maker, released on July 25, 2018. This update introduced a brand new challenge mode, and added content from Mega Man 6 and, after much anticipation from the community, Mega Man 7. Since Mega Man 7 is a 16-bit game, all the content from it had to be remade from scratch to fit Mega Man Maker's 8-bit art and music.

In addition to the content from Mega Man 6 and Mega Man 7, two assets from the NES games were introduced as part of the programmer call for this update, namely Shadow Blade and Bubukan.


New Features




Level Objects



  • MM1 Wily 2 Tile
  • MM1 Wily 3 Tile
  • MM1 Wily 4 Tile
  • MM2 Wily 3 Tile
  • MM3 Wily 4 Tile
  • MM3 Wily 5 Tile
  • MM3 Wily 6 Tile
  • Dark Man 4 Tile
  • Mr X 2 Tile
  • MM6 Wily 1 Tile
  • MM6 Wily 2 Tile
  • MM6 Wily 2 Tile (Alt)
  • MM6 Wily 3 Tile
  • Spring Tile
  • Freeze Tile
  • Slash Tile
  • Slash Tile 2
  • Junk Tile
  • Shade Tile
  • Burst Tile
  • Turbo Tile
  • Cloud Tile
  • MM7 Wily 1 Tile


  • MM1 Wily 2 BG
  • MM1 Wily 4 BG
  • MM3 Wily 4 BG
  • MM5 Wily 1 BG
  • Blizzard BG 2
  • Wind BG 2
  • Flame BG 2
  • Tomahawk BG 2
  • Centaur BG 2
  • Knight BG 2
  • Yamato BG 3
  • Plant BG 2
  • Mr X 1 BG
  • Mr X 2 BG
  • Mr X 2 BG (Alt)
  • Mr X 3 BG
  • Mr X 4 BG
  • MM6 Wily 1 BG
  • MM6 Wily 1 BG (Alt)
  • MM6 Wily 2 BG
  • MM6 Wily 4 BG
  • Spring BG
  • Freeze BG
  • Slash BG
  • Junk BG
  • Junk BG 2
  • Shade BG
  • Shade BG 2
  • Shade BG 2 (Alt)
  • Burst BG
  • Turbo BG
  • Turbo BG 2
  • Cloud BG
  • MM7 Wily 1 BG


  • Freeze Spike
  • Shade Spike
  • Wily Spike 12


  • MM7 Intro Stage
  • Spring Man
  • Freeze Man
  • Slash Man
  • Junk Man
  • Shade Man
  • Shade Man (Alt)
  • Burst Man
  • Turbo Man
  • Cloud Man
  • MM7 Wily Stage 1
  • MM7 Wily Stage 2
  • MM7 Wily Stage 3
  • MM7 Wily Stage 4
  • MM7 Robot Master
  • MM7 Wily Boss
  • MM7 Wily Boss (Capsule)


  • A brand new challenge mode! Play through a randomized Wily castle filled with community levels, with several lengths and difficulties to choose from. You have limited lives though, so be careful!
  • Added profile icons of all Mega Man 7 Robot Masters.
  • 4 new example levels: Creepy Castle by TimeLink, Kerosene Fane by CSketch and Storm Fortress and The Tower of Wily by Aze.
  • Force Beams can now be angled, allowing for vertical lasers.
  • You can now upvote or downvote a level by pressing the weapon switch left and weapon switch right buttons.
  • Touching a checkpoint now resets all other checkpoints. Levels made in previous versions are not affected.
  • Brick Drop has been renamed to Block Dropper, the canonical name for the weapon.
  • Rolling Cutter can now hit enemies again on the way back.
  • After testing your level in the level builder, the map and UI settings are no longer reset.
  • Restarting a level resets your E-Tanks and M-Tanks, removing an exploit.
  • Drill Bomb's explosion has a larger hitbox.
  • Mummira has a smaller hitbox.

Fixed Bugs

  • If you die while holding Atomic Fire, it stays active.
  • Enemy projectiles are unaffected by Ice Slasher.
  • Magnet Missile sometimes refuses to home in on enemies.
  • The Cossack Platform's description contains a typo.
  • Totem Polen and Subeil's descriptions reference Mega Man, which is inaccurate with the new characters.
  • Mega Man 2 Wily 1's background has a transparent pixel.
  • If you walk on a conveyor slowing you down, then spawn a Pukapucker walking towards you, the head may disappear.
  • Proto Man shoots projectiles slightly further away from him than he should.
  • Clearing a level on Rush Jet, then jumping off Rush Jet and letting it move off screen can crash the game.
  • You can pick up health and weapon energy pickups while undergoing a screen transition, allowing for clipping.
  • When jumping on an enemy with Top Spin when close to a ceiling, it may not damage the enemy.
  • When opening a Drop Platform, then undergoing a screen transition and going back, it will stay open.
  • Player projectiles can ding off invisible hitboxes below Flame Pillars.
  • Magnet Missile can home in on Teckyuns.
  • Touching a Character Capsule and Energy Element on the same frame crashes the game.
  • Health and Weapon Energy pickups from spawners float up through jumpthrough solids.
  • Standing on a ladder with another ladder two tiles above makes you unable to go down the bottom ladder.
  • Pierobot cannot fall through moving platforms while spawning.
  • Water appears to go through Wanaan platforms in the editor, while in-game it does not.
  • If Crash Man shoots a Crash Bomber up in the air, he may never be able to shoot again.
  • Hyper Bomb cannot bounce on the edges of springs.
  • Komasaburo tops are unaffected by Ice Slasher.
  • Jumping on Wind Storm right under a solid moving platform can make you clip.
  • Magnet Missile can sometimes make enemies disappear before hitting them.
  • Bosses sometimes do not detect when you're shooting, leading to exploits.
  • Going through a boss door outside the current section sometimes causes graphical bugs.
  • Quicksand can push you through jumpthrough platforms.
  • Hitting a boss with the same Wind Storm projectile twice doesn't play a sound effect on the second hit.
  • Ring Boomerang can be reflected by Flame Pillars.
  • Stone Man cannot jump when under the effect of Time Slow.
  • Shield weapons can destroy Flame Pillars. When frozen, it can additionally leave its collision mask behind.
  • Hitting Brain Break with Wind Storm creates a duplicate on the first hit.
  • When Water Wave is fired directly against a wall in the air, it will move once it loses contact with the wall.
  • When firing Water Wave on the ground directly against a wall, with a wall close behind you, it may appear behind that wall.
  • Taking a pickup from a pickup spawner with Ring Boomerang, then scrolling the weapon off-screen, disables the spawner.
  • Super Arrow can crash the game when destroyed at the right time.
  • When a moving platform moves you into spikes, you often do not die.
  • Wind clipping should be reduced.
  • When wind pushes you into spikes, you often do not die.
  • Spines sometimes act weird when falling in a one-tile wide gap.
  • Mega Buster and Needle Cannon can, when not set as the primary weapon, overflow the ammo bar.
  • Pierobot can fall through jumpthrough platforms.
  • When teleporting to a Teleporter near the top of the screen, it can put you on the screen above incorrectly, sometimes causing death.
  • Placing Magnets in a stair formation can remove some of their collision.
  • If you have a weapon as your primary weapon with a duplicate as a non-primary, and the non-primary is equipped, using L+R does not take you to the primary variant.
  • Firing Hyper Bomb in a two-block tall wall from the right while holding down puts it inside the wall.
  • Shooting Super Arrow in a one-block wide gap causes it to clip backwards.
  • When loading a level in-editor, backgrounds can sometimes overlap.
  • Drill Bomb and Dive Missile deal double damage to bosses.
  • Komasaburo tops can clip with springs in tight corridors.
  • The chain of Presses looks different in the editor and in-game.
  • Footholders vibrate when set to not move.
  • Screen transitioning into a solid moving platform can cause you to clip.
  • Homing weapons can target bosses before they spawn.
  • Character-exclusive weapons for Proto Man and Bass are shown incorrectly in the editor for weapon capsules, blocks and barriers.
  • Blocky shoots its body parts at a slower speed than it should when under the effect of Time Slow.
  • Moving left or right while about to be crushed between a moving platform and the ceiling can make you clip.
  • Presses lose their hitbox during Flash Stopper.


  • As of version 1.7.5, version 1.4.0 is the only major update to not include a new spawner.