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Before you read!
This article contains content in an upcoming update. The contents of this article may change as the update approaches and more information is revealed. Do not add information unless it has been publicly revealed in the announcement channels or by a reliable source (i.e. the developers). Refer to the guidelines about upcoming content when contributing to this page.

1.8.0 is an upcoming major update focused on adding new content from Mega Man & Bass and content from Mega Man 8 that returned in this game. It also brings performance upgrades in loading, creating, saving and playing levels to reduce lag.

For a list of assets in the order of being announced before 1.8.0's release, see this.


New Features




Level Objects


  • Pirate Treasure Room
  • Pirate (outside)


  • Intro
  • Intro Alt
  • Pirate
  • Ground
  • King
  • King Alt



  • Teleporters will now have a Purple skin option.
  • An asset that appears to be a Crash Lift in the color green and a second one in blue and a third in red.
  • Hornet Roll was shown to have an interaction with the Bell Ringer.
  • Performance changes between 1.7 and 1.8 will affect saving and loading levels as well as playing larger levels with less lag.

Bug Fixes

  • Searchy was shown to have the correct color lights when triggering on/offs.