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Anti-Eddie Stealing an Extra Life From Mega Man
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 11
Damage: TBA

Anti-Eddie is an evil knock-off of Mega Man's friend Eddie originally introduced as an enemy in Mega Man 11, and featured in Mega Man Maker in 1.6.0 version update.

This evil twin of Eddie created by Dr. Wily closely resembles the original Eddie in appearance, but with a purple color scheme and the addition of some decorative spikes and a skull icon on top of his head. Like Eddie, Anti-Eddie has an affinity for Pickups, but he does with them the opposite of his counterpart. Instead of dropping pickups, he pops out of the ground and tries to steal them.

Anti-Eddie will appear once the Player Character gets close to the pickup of Anti-Eddie's desire. He will then pop out from the ground beneath the pickup and will carry it on his head. He will then run away from the player with the pickup for a short time before eventually jumping off the stage and into the abyss, taking the pickup with him. If the Player Character can destroy Anti-Eddie before he is able to jump, he will drop the item upon exploding, allowing for the player to retrieve it assuming the player can get to wherever it has been left.

Anti-Eddie is rather durable, meaning it can be hard to beat him with standard buster shots, especially if he is not the only thing the player has to focus on when he appears.


  • The Anti-Eddie enemy was the first enemy from Mega Man 11 confirmed to be featured in Mega Man Maker.
  • In the Anniversary Announcement video where Anti-Eddie appears, the segment closely resembles a section of Block Man's stage where Anti-Eddie appears.
  • Being from Mega Man 11 and thus using a 3D model, Anti-Eddie does not have any official 8-bit sprites. Because of this, his sprites featured in Mega Man Maker were custom made for the game.