Astro Man

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Astro Man
Astro Man CW.png
Artwork of Astro Man from Rockman Complete Works.
Description: Dives or launches projectiles, yeah. Beware of his Astro Crush!
Category: Bosses
Game of origin: Mega Man 8
HP: 28
Damage: 4 (contact/Astro Crush/projectile)
3 (orbital contact)
Programmer(s): WreckingPrograms
Spriter(s): Zedicon

DWN-058 Astro Man is a Robot Master that appears as a boss in Mega Man 8 and Mega Man & Bass. His appearance and behavior in Mega Man 8 was added in version 1.5.0 of Mega Man Maker. Astro Man fights using his signature weapons, the screen-encompassing Astro Crush and illusive Copy Vision, along with his spheres that orbit his body and fire projectiles.

He was once a robot built for use in a planetarium but was modified by Dr. Wily for combat and sent to destroy Mega Man. He along with Tengu Man were later resurrected for use in combat again by the robot King as a part of his robot revolution where they once again came into conflict with Mega Man as well as Bass.


Astro Man's Official Artwork From Mega Man 8

Astro Man is a robot composed of a small green head, green torso, and a large grey sphere in place of a lower body. His head features a black screen with two red eyes, a yellow weather device of some sort on top, and a white and grey brace-like section connecting it to his body. His torso includes a teal box in the center with a form of grey electrical panel. His shoulders are spherical and also teal. Segmented yellow tubes connect his shoulders to the rest of his arms as well as one connecting to his spherical lower body. His arms are segmented like a pill capsule with the sections attached to the arms green and the other half yellow. His hands are also spherical grey balls with large yellow fingers segmented similar to his arms and waist. His spherical lower half is a teal blue/green with glowing pink segments, the bottom meanwhile is purely grey. The spheres that orbit him are also teal with a small blue core in each surrounded by six smaller red cores.

In Mega Man Maker


Astro Man has three attack patterns that he can randomly use during battle.

  1. A spin and dive towards the player in an attempt to collide with them.
  2. An attack involving Astro Man's spherical balls: they rotate in an elliptical path and shoot shooting star projectiles. Astro Man is an easy target during this attack as he does not move or attempt to guard himself.
  3. The Astro Crush, which consists of a meteor rain made up of flaming afterimages of himself that are indestructible but can be reflected or canceled out by certain weapons. Before using it, he uses his spheres at a lower level and quickly flashes across several sections of the screen in an attempt to confuse the player. Both Astro Man and his spheres are intangible during this attack.

Unlike other bosses, Astro Man floats in the air and does not travel on terrain and other solid assets such as the Conveyor Belt.


  • In Mega Man 8, Astro Man's Astro Crush attack originally had a safe spot located at the last height where Astro Man appeared. Aze stated that this safe spot was removed for Mega Man Maker "to make [him] more challenging and fun".[1]
  • Because Astro Man is featured as a boss in both Mega Man 8 and Mega Man & Bass, he is one of few Robot Masters that have multiple special weapons usable by the player in the classic Mega Man series. In Mega Man 8, the player obtains the Astro Crush upon defeating Astro Man while in Mega Man & Bass, the player obtains the Copy Vision. As of version 1.6.3, neither weapon is featured in Mega Man Maker for use by the player.
  • Astro Man is one of the only Bosses in Mega Man Maker who can not be confined into a small space and contained during a fight as a result of his ability to teleport.
  • Astro Man is notably weaker in Mega Man & Bass compared to how he is in Mega Man 8, having all of his attacks reduced from 6 damage to 2 or 3 with the exception of his contact damage of 4 being unchanged. His total health was also reduced from 40 to 28 to resemble the health of other bosses in Mega Man Maker.


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