Bari III

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Bari III
In-game sprite
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 10
HP: 4 (head)

2 (body)

Damage: 2 (body contact)

3 (projectile)

Bari III is a totem-like robot model appearing in Mega Man 10. It has a head structure supported on small retractile, destructible columns, and it fires sound waves. The Bari III will fire two sound waves in different diagonal positions and those will bounce only once after colliding to terrain. If they touch terrain again, they will despawn.

Bari III is technically 2 assets: It has a Head part and a Body part. The Head can be placed on top of a stack of Body columns to create a tower. If a part of a Bari Tower is destroyed, as long as a Head was originally there, it will attempt to regenerate the lost columns. Note that a column of Bari Bodies that has no Bari Head will not regenerate.

Bari Heads act as a solid object, therefore it can be stood on by the player character, and when it is, Bari will be forced to lower. Push Blocks have the same effect. Once either the player character or the Push Block is removed from the top of the Bari Head, it will regenerate its height to its innate vertical position. Bari Heads are able to crush the player character if they are falling from above. Although the body has contact damage, the Head does not. The Bari Head's solid status makes it block Force Beams.

Bari was slightly resized to facilitate its addition in levels.