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File:BassStand.gif|thumb|Bass Standing
File:BassStand.gif|thumb|Bass standing
File:BassShoot.gif|thumb|Bass shooting in multiple directions using the [[Bass Buster]]
File:BassShoot.gif|thumb|Bass shooting in multiple directions using the [[Bass Buster]]
File:BassDoubleJump.gif|thumb|Bass using both of his jumps
File:BassDoubleJump.gif|thumb|Bass using both of his jumps

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SWN-001, Bass (or Forte, depending on localization) is a Robot Master created by Dr. Wily as a rival robot to Mega Man. Originally fought in Mega Man 7 as a mid-boss, his first playable role was in Mega Man 7's "Versus Mode" mini-game where he had different abilities from the character's modern interpretations and functioned more like a fighting game character, but he would return as a playable character with more traditional platformer controls and abilities in Mega Man & Bass, Mega Man & Bass: Challenger From The Future, and Mega Man 10 as a bonus DLC character. Bass is one of the additional player characters available as of version 1.3.0, trading power and sliding for more speed and developed platforming abilities.

In Mega Man Maker

Bass' gameplay in Mega Man Maker is influenced by that of his playable roles in both Mega Man & Bass and Mega Man 10. As a playable character, Bass has the ability to shoot his rapid-fire Bass Buster that can shoot four shots at a time in seven directions (being unable to shoot directly downward) but is unable to charge it. Also, the Bass Buster is the only base shot type to not pass through the terrain. Instead of a slide, Bass has a Dash ability resembling that of the Mega Man X series. The speed gained from dashing is kept upon jumping, but this will not be maintained upon a double jump. In addition, this dash cannot enter one-tile gaps that the other characters could enter via sliding.

In the level settings menu, Bass has one setting specific to him - the Double Jump, a skill he had in Mega Man & Bass. Enabling Double Jump will allow Bass to jump once while in midair, either after a jump initiated by the player or after falling off of a tile.

In the weapons menu, Rush Coil, Rush Jet, Jet Adaptor, Power Adaptor, and Super Adaptor are replaced by Treble Boost. The Treble Boost acts as a form of Jet-Pack that also replaces Bass's regular fire with a three-way spread shot, replacing those utilities. For Weapon Blocks, a specific Treble Boost must be used to destroy it since the block has the ID of the original weapon.


  • Bass is the only character not to always give a positive pose upon winning a level.
  • He will give a thumbs down if he is holding onto a ladder, or facepalm if stuck in a sliding position (only available through Charge Kick usage or swapping characters while Mega Man or Proto Man slides).
  • Bass' unique abilities from his playable role in Mega Man 7's "Versus Mode", such as the variant of Bass Buster that fires blue lasers and has a Charge Shot, are not present in Mega Man Maker.