Bunby Tank DX

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Bunby Tank DX
Artwork of a Bunby Tank DX from Mega Man 8
Description: Fires missiles. If the torso is destroyed, the head pops off.
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 8
HP: 4 (Bunby Tank)
3 (Bunby Top)
1 (missile)
Damage: 3 (contact)
2 (missile)
Spriter(s): Aze

Bunby Tank DX is an enemy that originates from Mega Man 8 and was added to Mega Man Maker in 1.5.0. It moves back and forth, firing a pair of missiles every-so-often if the player character is close enough to it. This enemy is an upgrade of the Bunby Tank from Mega Man 7.

Similarly to the in-game enemies Crazy Razy and Pukapucker, destroying Bunby Tank DX's body will not defeat the enemy, instead causing the head to fly off on its own. The head, however, is shown to have less health than the body, and if destroyed first, will defeat the entire Bunby Tank.

When the body is destroyed, the head will fly slowly to the position of the player character to hurt it by colliding with it. While doing the flying move, it will try to do it in a parabolical way, so whenever a trajectory is finished, the Bunby Head will fly over the player's position to dive on it.

Bunby Tank DX's projectiles are unable to move through solid walls, disappearing if they collide with one. The missiles can be destroyed by the player, or reflected, although the fact that the missiles are shot in two can make it hard to reflect the missile back to the Bunby Tank DX.


  • Since the game Bunby Tank DX comes from, Mega Man 8, originally had 32-bit graphics, its sprites had to be demade into an 8-bit style for the game. The sprites were designed by Aze and Zedicon.


Bunby Tank DX.png