Cargou Q

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Cargou Q
Cargou Q Screenshot With Both As They Appear In-game
In-Game Information
Category: Enemies
HP: 4
Misc. Information
Series Information
Game of origin: Mega Man 10

Cargou Q is a fixed container robot that is filled with and throws sport balls that originally appears in Strike Man's stage from Mega Man 10 and is featured in Mega Man Maker from it's 1.6.0 version onward. Being fixed in place, Cargou Q are unable to move towards the Player Character to attack. Instead, Cargou Q attack by ejecting one of the many stored sports balls contained within them, aiming in the direction they are set to face. They can be set to face left or right in the Level Builder. The balls will bounce in a consistent pattern and damage the Player Character if they make contact. If the ball touches a wall however, it is destroyed and the Cargou Q that created it will become able to throw another ball.

Cargou Q come in two different variants of color which can be set in the Level Builder. These colors being purple containing spherical balls, and orange containing pointed football or rugby-shaped balls. The way the ball behaves depends on the appearance. The Spherical Purple balls will constantly bounce in arcs approximately 3 blocks in distance with an apex of 4 blocks high from where it hits the floor. The orange less evenly shaped balls will either bounce in a similar arc to the purple variants, or do a much quicker bounce that lunges 4-5 blocks instead of 3 and only has an apex of 1 block in height. It is random which the orange ball will do on each bounce.

Both types of balls fired by Cargou Q have extremely low health and can be destroyed instead of evaded. As little as a single uncharged Mega Buster/Proto Buster shot or shot by the Bass Buster is all it takes to eliminate them. However, keep in mind the Cargou Q will be able to immediately fire another ball out once the original is destroyed.


  • Cargou Q are one of very few enemies in Mega Man Maker that change in functionality depending on their color scheme. Others including Bomb/Rock Thrown and Footholders.